Mixed Media Painting Workshops

with Kellie Day

Letting Loose in Mixed Media

March 3, 10:00 am-3:00 pm at Montrose Field House

Learn to make colorful, upbeat mixed media paintings – even if you’ve never painted before. Both experienced artists and newbies will enjoy this free-flowing exploration of painting, with local mixed media artist Kellie Day.

Students will collage an artful base layer onto canvas, and then learn to create a loose composition on top. Learn to build up fun layers in your painting, that combine glorious paint colors with collage.


Beyond Paint

Saturday, March 17, 10:00 am-4:00 pm at Ah Haa School for the Arts

There are so many acrylic products besides just paint. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the Gels, grounds and mediums available, this class will get you going. Join us for a day of pouring, scraping peeling and painting. We’ll create 3-4 “mini-projects” where you can create works of art like never before. If you like painting with acrylics, these are all tools that can enhance your current painting.

Blow your socks off with techniques like acrylic-encaustic effects (without hot wax), making acrylic skins, creating and layering transparent pours, creating textures with acrylic grounds, and combing all of this with painting.



ARTbar: Butterfly Transformation

Wednesday March 21, 6:00-8:00 pm at 610 Clinton St. in Ridgway

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, undergoing remarkable growth to journey from egg to caterpillar, to the delightful flying creatures we know. Join local artist Kellie Day in exploring different mixed media techniques to create butterflies.

We’ll combine colors, textures and patterns with paint and collage to build beautiful wings that will emerge as your own mixed media butterfly painting. Students can bring small, collage papers (uncoated papers only please) to incorporate into your butterflies, as symbols of your own growth and transformation. Enjoy making art as a representation of your own journey to become a more beautiful creature, here on this planet.


Private Lessons in my Studio

I love to invite people to paint with me in my studio. If you have a small group of one to four people, I am happy to create a custom class based on your interests. Take your art to the next level with one-on-one instruction. OR get a few friends together and have a personalized, creative afternoon!

Prices and Classes Vary
Email me to setup your private class

Check out my online classes too!

If you'd like to take a class on your own time in your own home (or anywhere really), visit my ONLINE CLASSES page. I offer everything from Free Tips & Tutorials to mini-classes to a full length mixed media course, Pedal to Petal, where you can learn to make professional quality paintings.

I'm a GOLDEN Artist Educator

GOLDEN Certified Instructors are professional artist educators with a personal history of teaching painting workshops. These professionals have completed a four day intensive training focused on acrylic techniques. I can conduct trainings on any GOLDEN products you may be interested in learning more about.