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February 11, 2024

How do you choose the right teacher to advance YOUR Art?

You’ve probably noticed there are a LOT of online Art classes these days… it’s a bit overwhelming. I created this to help you choose the teacher or method that’s best for YOU, so you can move forward with your Art – instead of stalling out. More and more, Art instructors […]
February 7, 2024

Art Success Stories from Brave, Creative Women

I’m about to show you some very brave creative women. These women were able to go from years of not painting much, (because they were raising family or had careers) to being professional-quality artists and showing and selling. In a very short time all of them began making paintings that […]
January 26, 2024

From Graphic Design to a Travel-Inspired Art Collection – An Interview with Artist Terri Goodness

Twenty five years ago Terri went to Art school, but life’s responsibilities took priority and she devoted herself to raising her children and caring for her father-in-law and the family business. As life got busier, Terri began feeling less happy and missing the days when Art was her passion. Her […]
January 23, 2024

Colorado Mixed Media Painting Retreat This June 2024!

Thank you for waiting for soooo long, I am sooo excited to share with you that it’s OPEN! My 2024 Colorado Mixed Media Painting Retreat! Early bird pricing is available until March 7. Spots are LIMITED and are already filling, so don’t wait… Here are all the glorious details! I’ve designed this exclusive […]
January 8, 2024

6 Game-Changing Practices to Be an Amazing Artist this Year

You deserve to create your most amazing Art this year and really feel like a recognized and loved Artist.💖 And I love supporting creative women like you. Which is why I created this coaching video to give you the 6 GAME CHANGING practices I teach my students, to create BIG success […]
December 31, 2023

Telluride Colorado Gallery Guide Cover

Ridgway artist Kellie Day art on the NEW Telluride, Colorado Gallery Guide.  Day currently has art hanging in Citizen’s State Bank and Wilkinson Public Library, curated by the Telluride Arts Organization. A solo show is scheduled for June, 2024 at the Telluride Arts Headquarters. Opening to be announced. View the […]
December 19, 2023

Make 2024 the Year of Your Art!

Don’t let another year go by without feeling happy and excited about your Art! Here’s a little inspirational painting video I put together for you to remember how much JOY your Art brings you. Watch this video and get inspired to make 2024 the year of your Art here:   […]
December 11, 2023

How Carla Manifested Huge Art Success – and You Can Too!

Carla and I worked together a 2 years ago and she created this amazing collection of paintings and developed a very textured, colorful unique style. She is super into painting animals and sea life from the Pacific Northwest where she lives. People love her work. She’s sold a bunch of […]
November 30, 2023

Nurture Your Soul with Creativity on Winter Nights

I don’t know about you, but when that sun goes down in the late afternoon, and it gets dark around five, I can feel really down. What really has gotten me UP lately, is getting into some easy art practices that can lead to bigger things. When it comes to […]
November 21, 2023

A Sneak Peak At My NEW Navajo Paint Horse Series & NEW Exhibit In Telluride Colorado

Happy Turkey week! I’ve been madly in love with road trips since my early 20’s. There’s nothing better than hopping in the car and going whichever way the wind blows you. One thing I’ve been moved by lately on my drives through the southwest, are the paint horses grazing in […]
November 12, 2023

How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

I’ve been creating LOTS of new paintings and listening to what my heart wants lately more than ever. Connecting with my Art is my true guide. This means that whatever is happening in my life, good or bad, everything feels right when I’m creating. Sometimes I see women who are […]
November 8, 2023

Her Art was Her Life Raft – an Interview with painter Bille von Roeder

Bille was making Art but she wasn’t that happy with it. Her husband had become ill and she had to stay close to home, and felt trapped. So she set up an Art studio there, to try to add light to her spirit, and have an escape. In the beginning […]
November 5, 2023

The Power of Believing in Yourself as an Artist

Did you ever notice that when your energy and happiness are low, that it feels like nothing’s going well? It’s a common law of the universe that when you’re UP things go well, and when you’re DOWN, things feel like kinda bad. What you focus on, you draw into your […]
October 25, 2023

How Art Can Heal Your Heart

Could your heart use a little love? I’ve been noticing a lot of women in my community posting about how Art has helped them to heal after a tough period. Often times when women go through a tough time in life, they come back to the solace and healing in […]
October 19, 2023

How to Get Ideas for WHAT to Paint

Sometimes women know how to paint, but get a little flustered on WHAT to paint. Here are some ways you can get excited about what to paint… I believe that Art is life, and the first place to look when we’re short of inspiring ideas, is our life. By going […]
September 16, 2023

How to Switch from Comparing to Sharing Your Art!

I was watching a video with Hawaiian wise man Ke’oni Hanalei this week, and he was talking about how we compare ourselves to others. It was really beautiful, because as Artists this is something that can really shut us down. For example, have you ever been perusing instagram or youtube […]
September 10, 2023

Don’t Have the Motivation to Paint? Here’s how I do it

Some great artists have said that you have to “show up” whether you’re inspired or not – and that’s the only way to make art.   While part of that is true, you do have to show up, we all know the truth: You also have to be motivated and […]
August 29, 2023

How to Take Your Painting from GOOD to GREAT

You know that moment in a painting where you want to take it from GOOD to GREAT It can be scary… Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the next step to take in your painting. Or you might be afraid to ruin it. Here’s a quickie video I wanted to […]
August 19, 2023

Are You in Your Creative Flow?

One of the loveliest things in life is being in the creative flow. You know, when you lose track of time and get lost in painting for hours? This week and I taught women in Telluride Colorado how to paint mixed media song birds. We only had an afternoon, but […]
August 2, 2023

Reawakening her Creative Spirit with her Dream Art Show – an Interview with Mischelle Davis

Mischelle Davis hadn’t completed a full painting in 30 years. Even though she’d had a successful marketing career and raised a now-graduating son, she still thought about her Art every day.   “It’s torture (to not paint for so long). Anytime I was working with creative people, I thought, ‘Could […]