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August 8, 2018
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Colorado Mountain Art Retreat


MAY 4-9, 2020 – Colorado Mountain Art Retreat

**Retreat payment is non-refundable. We highly recommend you get trip insurance in case of emergency.

Spend four days and five nights at the heavenly Chipeta Solar Springs Resort nestled in the heart off the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Connect with yourself and other creatives in a natural environment teaming with inspiring energy. Recharge your excitement for your own art, discover a deeper connection with your spirit, and head home with a rested soul and newly inspired paintings.

In a spectacular setting and a warm, supportive environment, we will guide you to tap into internal and external inspiration that will fuel your artistic fire. Then we’ll show you how to translate all of your unique inspiration into beautiful mixed media and abstract paintings that reflect who YOU ARE, and what’s important to you.


MAY 4-9, 2020

Whether you are an experienced artist, just starting out or getting back to your practice after a break, Kellie and Heather will show you:

• The art of being in nature as inspiration to fuel your creative fire. Through hikes, collecting objects and observing, you will discover what touches your heart that will help inform your creativity.

• Exercises and ways to explore your inner nature; your unique human experience that reveals what delights you and makes you feel most alive. This, too, will be fodder for your art.

• How to use an art journal as a mobile studio and a means of building a personal “nest” to explore your thoughts, ideas and your unique visual identity.

• How to use mixed media including collage, paint and more to build a cohesive and nature inspired piece of art.

• How to create an abstract painting fueled by intuition, inspiration and pure expression.

• Through exercises that explore shape, line, texture and color, you will build layers using a variety of high quality GOLDEN acrylics, mark making tools and a variety of mixed media.

• You will have the unique opportunity to use high quality GOLDEN acrylics, grounds and mediums. Further, we will show you how to use these products to make image transfers and to create texture in your work.

• You will learn a number of formal and informal techniques that will help you build an ongoing creative practice.