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August 15, 2011

Dream & Bliss

Dream and Bliss, two works painted to go on either side of Springs Dreams. What fun! What lightness and air, painting small works of butterflies and flowers!
June 22, 2011

Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera, mixed media on canvas, 40″ x 30″ Whatever will be, will be … and so this painting took over and I let it become what it was –  unhindered by logic and decision making – a very foreign way of painting for me. But it felt good […]
June 16, 2011

Infinite Blossom

“We are blossoming into infinity” – who said that?I love it! Spring is easing into summer and Colorado is blossoming into green, and flowers, and heat. People are coming out of the woodwork for social rendezvous and bike rides. This new painting is about the loveliness of color, relaxing into […]
May 17, 2011

Post Cribbage

Cribbage, or crib, is a card game traditionally for two players, but commonly played with three, four or more… my dad always played it with his dad in that trailer in Ohio, as Pop lived out the last decade of his life. We used to drive across the Ohio countryside […]
March 12, 2011


Peras sat in my studio for months unfinished until Kelly Goodin of the Second Chance Humane Society asked for a donation for their fundraiser auction. Thus, Peras was completed. It’s great to be in-between shows with no looming deadlines and be able to donate for a good cause, just paint […]
March 2, 2011

South Lookout

South Lookout Peak. I have seen you from afar many many times and longed to get close to you. Ski, hike, climb, whatever needs to be done. You are on my list.
November 27, 2010


Part 2 in the CAFE series, titled TEA. Morning pot of tea, when I finish, sits in the kitchen window on a torquoise towel in the brightly lit window. Dark shadows accentuate the sunlit pot and china teacup. This is the same tea cup in the CAFE painting of the […]