Thanks for Watching my Master Class



I credit Kellie, if I hadn’t taken her course I wouldn’t be where I’m at today as an Artist. I’ve been very busy with commissions. I am very thankful🙏. Just sold this 40”x 30” acrylic on Gallery stretch canvas.


I am most proud of the fact that I actually took a step forward and made a decision to take this course without consulting anyone else's opinion because I know I would have been talked out of it and would've ended up very resentful and stuck. I enjoyed every minute because it was something I did for me and me alone.   I think the biggest shift is in my attitude. I now feel like having an artful future is attainable. I’ve gained more courage to move forward with my art, and am more confident in how to go about finding my own unique voice.   (I know) that whatever my style is, that it's unique and worthy of sharing with the world as my own personal contribution as a human being on this crazy planet. Kellie just has a way of filling you with courage and enthusiasm.    


The program is very transformative. It really taps into a deeper part of yourself. You learn things about yourself or even your developing style that surprise you.... I feel more joyful, more light. Others have commented on it. I also feel I can continue to grow with my art and always have the skills from the lessons to fall back on when I need them. It also has given me something to look forward to. Kellie’s instruction and ideas are wonderful. She always has the right solution when I get stuck on something. She gently pushes you in the direction you need ... I definitely improved my confidence overall. I got over the fear of doing things the “right” way. Perfection is no longer a goal. My work became more loose, even in my drawing. .. I am proud of myself for following my instincts and taking the plunge into this program. I can’t imagine missing out on all I have learned and experienced. I did something for myself that I felt was important and it paid off.


I had been creatively constricted for 10-15 years & felt like a shell of my former, vibrant self. As soon as I began the course, my soul was resuscitated, my eyes opened to the beauty around me & in me, & there’s just no way to put a price on that! In a very short amount of time, I felt much freer & was surprised by what was emerging artistically. Connecting to the other artists in various stages of the course was—and is—incredibly inspiring. It’s like having a front-row seat to someone else’s creative process, which is another learning opportunity. Everything Kellie promises was delivered, which is nothing short of miraculous. I wanted to make creativity my default again, as it was in the first half of my life, & I can honestly say that it is now. I discovered that it actually never went away; all I had to do was embrace it. Ideas are overflowing each day! Kellie’s course measurably loosened my style & made it possible to start painting from my heart or authentic self rather than my head or preconceived ideas. It makes painting much more joyful & magical.  As I deepen into the experience of painting intuitively, my own voice is beginning to emerge, & it will be exciting to see what I have to contribute artistically to this life.


I was a Certified kitchen and bath designer for 20 years and ran my own company. The housing bubble and a nasty divorce coupled with the loss of my mother, grandmother and step son put me into a dark place. While I was digging myself out, Art and Kellie pulled me to the mountain top. I am ready to leap once again into self employment and freedom that I have never known before. ... My experience during this program was excellent. Art therapy at its finest. I now have my voice to stand tall with my art. I am no longer self conscious and feel that I can make money with my art. Kellie is a gem.


I was needing change, my art was always put on the back burner and needed to be set free... I needed help to advance forward, process, goals, and stay on track with a mentor to guide me.  (This program) loosened up my movement and flow, and let it come to me rather than always just trying to make a copy of someones work. I also gained inspiration, not being worried about what others think, and knowing that I can do this. I am liking everything I create, that is a massive leap forward. Kellie guided me with gentle reminders, keeping me focused and sharing new techniques while opening my vision of creations to come ... I loved the interaction with the other artists.


I joined Transform Your Art because I wanted to become a more professional artist and learn what I needed to do to reach that level. I also wanted to feel better about myself as an artist. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. I now feel like a valued artist and that my art is worthy to be seen by others. I learned new techniques to create mixed media art, and how to be more dedicated and disciplined taking time to do my art more. I now have the confidence to take my art to the next level. I am most proud of myself for learning more about my style and how to play up my abilities and talents in my art. Doors are opening more for me as a result of the positive attitude I have. Kellie has done an awesome job getting to know each of us individually and meeting the needs that we have personally. I don't know of anything that could be done better ... Thank you for all the inspiration you have left me with. You have really made a difference in my life.


I joined this program to become more confident in my art. And because I made a commitment to myself to move from being a crafter to being an artist! I joined because I wanted to know what artists know. Now I no longer hide my work. I am an artist! I love my paintings and my work has value. I talk and show my painting projects to others with confidence.  I am proud that I am no longer afraid to paint on purchased canvas. Previously, I wouldn’t buy canvas because I did not have confidence in my art ... Kellie is amazing! She is consistently positive and supportive. She tracked my goals along with me and provided unwavering belief that I could do what I wanted to achieve! Kellie provided well-planned and well-timed lessons that moved me along in this process. My experience has been priceless! I experienced excitement, resistance, joy, anticipation, and then awakening.


I joined this program because I was wanting to begin really creating as a working artist, and to jumpstart my dream to live authentically as an artist! During the program I achieved great motivation and was given the opportunity to grow and create, work on my studio, and work on a routine that will serve me in the future. I now have the realization that I do HAVE a unique style and that the emotion of my work can really touch people.  Also that being fearless results in a magical process of a piece coming together without the conscious mind directing...  I will always remember this moment, when I followed my instincts and took action. Because I took action, I am living authentically and living my artistic dream. I am an artist!


I joined this program to transform the way I experience my creative process. To learn about myself; to be aware of my inspirations, and ...grow as an artist. And I actually have been transformed! I perceive life through the heart and eyes and soul of an artist! I am painting and creating every day! I've gained more Confidence to be my best artistic self, a clear roadmap on how to practice this daily journey in a focused and productive and satisfying way, and a deep foundation and building blocks to success for painting beautiful, emotionally connecting artwork. My life is so much more sparkly now that I claim this life as an artist! My priorities have shifted so that I am spending most of my time in joy. This is priceless and I cherish this. I think Kellie is really talented as an artist and as an educator and mentor. She has a clear, loving and open style that resonates with us sensitive souls.


I joined Kellie's program because I was feeling stuck & needed coaching to get me to the next level. The program shows you the way to get from hobbyist to a working and selling artist. I now am closer to figuring out my style and what it is that I want to say with my art. I have rearranged my priorities to make time for my art and my goals with my art - no excuses. I've learned techniques to keep me moving forward so I'm less likely to get stuck in the future. Now I'm ready to find a venue here in my town where I can hang my art, and I will start to look into art festivals to get involved in with my art!


I just wanted to share that I just finished Kellie Day’s six week Transform your Art program and it was exceptional! Kellie helped me to clarify my art goals and focus so that I can achieve my dream of being a successful artist. She really listened to my needs and helped me to define my individual style and empowered me to have the confidence and the right tools to keep going! She felt more like a dear friend that I’ve always known than a new teacher and mentor. The VIP group is an encouraging and supportive space where I felt safe to take risks with my art. I would highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to further their art and develop you own style whether you plan to sell your art or just do it for yourself! Best gift I ever gave to myself!☺️


I spent my entire adult life in a rewarding career but always felt like something was missing. I am nearing retirement and as that becomes reality I am researching second career opportunities. This time it must be more in-line with what I was meant to do. It is my belief that I am meant to create and teach. I (now) have a great love for new techniques that I never thought of using, and to use these methods when I am stuck on a piece. I learned the importance of enjoying the work; creating a playfulness that releases my truth and my style. I achieved a level of self-care that means making time for my art on a daily basis. Kellie helped me gain confidence and see where my personal style is leaning. She gave me the tools to produce and continue my pursuit of my dreams. I now  have a show booked and will move forward to establish a website and complete my social media!


Before this program I hadn't painted in years. ... I felt stuck, almost frozen with fear. Fear of what if I fail, what if I'm not the artist I think I am. Now, I'm painting again without those fears. I went from caring for elderly parents to working long crazy hours after their passing trying to get back on my feet financially. Now, I'm not only painting again I'm trying new techniques without fear of failure. ...  I have a blue print for how to believe in myself as an artist. Now, I realize there are no limits. Every day is an opportunity to not only enrich my own life in some way but I can also contribute to others lives. ... I had an idea about my long range plan and Kellie's program has helped me refine my goals and get me moving in the right direction. It's never too late to start over and each day is a gift if you choose to believe in yourself.  


This class has been an awesome life-learning experience for me. It used to be that all my paintings had to be so perfect and tight and boring, and now I’ve found my playful side and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m messy and loose, and it’s so liberating. I’m a new person since I started this class. My biggest tool I learned is just to be myself and paint what I feel. You gave that to me, to just be able to paint freely... The program was a very rewarding, life changing experience. It helped me open up my feelings and discover who I am. Before I had a hard time noticing my feeling and addressing them. Now I create paintings with my true feelings. In my passed paintings they were just copies of a picture, very structured. I'm more in tune to what I feel and how I think about myself. I am a much more confident artist. Kellie has given me freedom to paint what I love. Kellie is a very nurturing, positive person that brings out the best in a person. Now I want to sell my art and to have shows that will show my true abilities.


I joined this program to get motivation to create art without hesitation and grow as an artist.  I had gone through a couple of difficult years … When I had time to paint I would go to my studio and not be productive. I have gone to other art business programs and I have taken other classes in watercolor to advance my skills. However I found this to be a true transformative program. It was the first time that someone led me step by step on an artistic journey. From the beginning, Kellie began to help me open up my emotions and face the road blocks that kept me from growing artistically. Years of critiques or insecurities were uncovered and I was able to move them aside. She has developed system of teaching artists how to create work without boundaries. I was able to learn how to honor my feelings and show emotion through artistic expression. I now know practices for self-care that turned me from being mildly depressed into a happier person. AND I have a show very soon …Now I believe in myself. The only thing that would make this program better is if we could have lunch together someday.


When I was 7 years old, I entered a painting in a local art show. My uncle asked me if I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I responded with a confident “I AM an Artist!”. Time and life took me away from that 7 year old artist. Now, almost 50 years later, we are reunited. Kellie's "Transform Your Art" program did transform my art, and did help me settle into my style. Way more than that, Kellie allowed me to find the power to finally give voice to the art inside me. I can now give myself permission to feel the rawness and vulnerability of my passions and tell visual stories through my art. I am transformed. And I’m excited to be showing my art in a few months, much to the delight of that 7 year old!

Jerri Ann

"I think the biggest change is my confidence... I felt bound when I started this program, I didn’t know if I could feel anymore. Kellie knew how to pull it out of me, how to get to the feelings that I kept hidden. Something about the process and the steps involved brought me to a place where I can feel a change, a mind shift, a change in heart, and a changed thought process toward my creative self. I’m too old to waste anymore time with silly little thoughts I don’t really believe anyway. Any day spent with paint and lost in time is a good day."


You’ve been the best thing ever for me, it’s pushed me into new frontiers.... I’m now able to go out and paint and not copy others, but explore my inner-self, a revelation of my spirit. ...  I feel like I was lost and now I’m now found.


This program is a Godsend. I am LOVING it, finding lots of joy, and seeing endless possibilities for my art … it's divine timing that I took this class, I am really finding myself and who I am, and my joy again. I am finding my style, and I am working on a body of work for a show!

Ann Marie

With Kellie’s coaching, encouragement and generosity I discovered my Unique Artist Voice.  By going thru the process of this program, I now have the confidence to share my unique art style with the world.  Everything I’ve learned in this program is priceless and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this program!


“I took your ... class last summer, and loved it. In fact my painting from that class was chosen as one of the winners for the Colorado Regional Competition!”


“Kellie Day gave me inspiration and encouragement and I am forever grateful… Not to be too sentimental but your teaching was the first time I really felt like an artist and the potential to do good work. Your encouragement started me on my path and I will never forget your generosity and kindness. Thank you.” NOTE: Heather is now a full-time, professional artist!

Rae Ellen

“My painting, using techniques learned from you this summer, won an award at the Escalante Canyons Art Festival. Thank you. Your workshop has changed my life!!!”