Butterfly Painting Class with Kellie Day

Butterfly Painting Class with Kellie Day

Kellie Day is a Golden Paints Art Educator, and has created artwork for Trader Joe’s, The North Face, Alpinist Magazine and more.

This class is currently closed to the public.

If you are interested in learning Mixed Media with me, you can watch my free online training or see more tutorials on my youtube channel here… Enjoy!

Welcome to Butterfly Painting Class

Perhaps you have a dream or a belief or something you would love to do that you haven’t been able to make happen in your life yet. Maybe you don’t have the confidence, maybe it seems too big an undertaking.

Butterflies are a symbol for bursting free from your current life into a more beautiful one, and because of this, are the perfect representation of our dreams for an art project. They are also elegant creatures with transparent wings and brilliant colors.

As we paint these butterflies, imagine that anything is possible in your life. You’ll collage inspirational words, poetry and quotes into these works of art, so that when you are done with your painting you not only have a pretty picture on the wall, but also something to encourage you to spread your wings and fly more freely in your own life. Contact me here if you have questions!

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Price: This bite-size class is $97.

“Our limiting beliefs hold us captive in a place that’s safe and familiar, making us cling to where we are, rather than embracing change and completing the cycle. When we find ourselves in that place between no longer and not yet — it takes the utmost courage to spread our wings and simply fly.” – Huffington Post

When you paint this picture, dare to dream.

In this class we will start with a black and white collage layer, and then create expressive, loose butterfly wings without worrying about composition. We’ll incorporate rich colorful shapes for flowers, and then go on to an illustrative layer where we bring it all together by drawing some free-flowing lines to distinguish our winged creatures and flowers. Pick a dreamy color palette, and settle into some sweet thoughts about what you are truly capable of. Then paint a butterfly that represents how you will fly.

What’s Included:

  • This is an extra robust “Bite-Size” class with 3 instructional videos.
  • Learn how to layer translucent paint layers with collage.
  • Learn about taking risks, and watch me do it.
  • Learn what to do when your paint it too heavy.
  • Learn how to fix areas your don’t like.

Time: Approximately 1-2 hrs, with a little drying time between layers to do this project.

How it works:

This class is currently closed to the public. Contact me here if you would like access to my quickie classes.