Fun Mixed Media Projects

Fun Mixed Media Projects

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Supply List – be sure to order your supplies FIRST!

You will need the following supplies for this class. Please note: You do not have to go out and buy all new supplies, you can use what you have.

  1. Some fun collage papers – such as music sheets, origami papers, rice papers, any art papers from an art supply store, old letters, scrapbooking paper (thinner is better, if your paper is too thick it can be hard to collage), packaging, anything that excites you. You can even print things off from your computer for collage papers!
  2. Some acrylic paints – of colors you like
  3. Black Fluid Paint OR a black ACRYLIC paint marker – Be sure that your paint marker won’t run when it gets wet.
  4. A canvas – choose a medium size canvas that excites you. Or if you want to save money, you can use a heavy sheet of watercolor paper.
  5. Golden Soft Gel – just a small jar will do. Click here for a link to the product
  6. Brushes – any brushes you like. (I like square brushes that are .25” to 1” wide, but any brushes are fine)
  7. An old credit card or hotel key card – If you want to get fancy you can use a Color Shaper, which is really cool! Click here for product
  8. A cup for water and a cup for your Soft Gel glue mixture
  9. Paper towels or a rag for cleanup
  10. A fun stencil or two
  11. Thin paint markers of various colors – I recommend getting at least a black, a gold and a white. Sharpie also has these.
  12. Optional: disposable gloves


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