When You Don’t Believe You’re Good Enough as an Artist

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September 9, 2020
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September 19, 2020
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When You Don’t Believe You’re Good Enough as an Artist

when you don't believe you're a good enough artist

We just had a poll and the number one reason women feel the most stuck with their painting right now, was that they don’t believe they’re good enough.

“Who am I to accomplish great things?”

What does that do to people to feel this way?

  • It keeps them playing small
  • It keeps them from trying to paint at all sometimes
  • It keeps them making excuses for why they don’t get around to painting much
  • It keeps them from putting their art out there in the world.

And what do all these things lead to, if you let them go on long term? …

  • Depression or sadness
  • Health issues – our bodies are a direct reflection of what’s going on in our lives. They store our emotions.
  • Frustration and envy that others are succeeding and we’re not.
  • And worst of all, their feelings about themselves affect their relationships and everything in their life.

Unfortunately what happens is that if a woman feels she is not good enough, or that she can’t really hold a candle to the other artists out there, is that she often feels she shouldn’t really try.

She feels that she shouldn’t’ really make her art a priority, because it’s a waste of time…. How sad is that? – never really going for your passion just because of what the voices in your head are telling you? 

I believe success in Art simply belongs to those who TRY.

Success belongs to those who keep trying and don’t give up when they fail. 

You may be saying, “Well it’s not that simple to try when I don’t feel I’m good enough!”

But that’s because you haven’t shifted your mindset yet. See, here’s the thing…

Any efforts to create your Art dreams are made up of multiple steps. All designed to get you where you want to be with your art.

These steps include steps upward, steps downward, and steps sideways that feel like they’re going nowhere.

People think the path to your passionate life, your life as a successful Artist, are just upward. **But they’re NOT**.

Sometimes we have to pause and learn something important to succeed – which is not always fun. Like trying something on a painting and it doesn’t turn out.

Sometimes we get the shit kicked out of us – like getting rejected from a show-  that feels debilitating. Or getting fired from a job.

But these things are KEY for being successful as an artist – and this is the important shift I want you to get out of today’s talk. Because if you shift your beliefs to knowing that the path to being a successful Artist is NOT A STRAIGHT LINE, that makes it a little easier to keep going when the paint chips are down.

So let’s talk about when women don’t believe in themselves….

The future belongs to those who try. Those who don’t play small.

Success belongs to those who decide to jump in the arena and paint, because it’s still better than getting to the end of your life and realizing you never tried. That’s a feeling none of us want, right?

People succeed in Art because the just keep taking one step forward after another (however small) and don’t stop.

What do you have to loseby taking that next step?

So do something for yourself today…

Write down what a successful 1st step would look like for you with your art today.

Maybe it’s just “I go into my studio and move paint around on paper.”

**It doesn’t have to be big because sometimes we don’t see the full picture. Sometimes we can only the very next step in our dream…. And that’s OK.

Just write down your next step today.

  • For some people it might be something bigger like, “Book a show”, or “Enter a show”, or “Start a series of paintings”.
  • For others who are really scared about all of this (and that’s OK too), it might be, “Talk with an Art Mentor because I know I can’t do this alone.” That’s REALLY common.

If you’re still scared after listening to all of this, please know that it’s really common to feel that way, and it’s OK. You just might need some support. But you sure don’t want to be that person who lives your life in fear and never tries. Because that is 100 times worse, OK?

So for those of you who are here today, be aware of this, cause it’s really important:

As you move into the future, you are either going to go one way, or the other. … And these two futures are dramatically different from one another…

You’re either going to start that next step in your art – that first step that opens the door to you making better art and having a happier life. That WILL lead to your dream if keep taking those steps. Whether your dream is waking up every day just painting happily, or booking a show and selling a bunch of paintings. You will get there if you keep trying and get the support you need.

OR, You’re going to listen to this, and not do anything. You’re going to get all inspired for a moment, and then go back to your busy day, and go back to your HABIT of staying in that scared place. And if you don’t do anything, nothing is going to change and you’re never going to live your art dream. In fact, you’re going to experience worse symptoms – If you’re already feeling sad and frustrated because you think you aren’t good enough, that is only going to get worse if you do nothing today. And we’ve already talked about what the long-term affects are that are.

So, if after hearing all of this it still sounds scary to you to take that next step with your Art, but you want to move your art forward, (you don’t want to do nothing), but you know you need support and someone to help you through this, you can book a call with us.

We opened up some times this week on our calendar for an Art Breakthrough Call. They’re about 30 minutes and my team will get on the phone with you and help you discover what you need to move forward, and get a plan for what you need to do that.

So if that’s you, you can book your call at KellieDayArt.com/booking . These calls are not for everyone. They are for women who really want to live their lives as Artists, and start now.

And if that’s you, we’d love to talk with you! You can book your call at KellieDayArt.com/booking

If that’s you, we’d love to talk with you!
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