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May 17, 2011
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May 27, 2011
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FREE, mixed media triptic on canvas by Kellie Day, 62" x 20"

FREE, mixed media triptic on canvas, 62" x 20", SOLD

Red Mountains I, II and III from Ironton. The views of these are never ending. The spectacular feeling of emerging up out of the canyon to see them gives me a great sense of expansiveness – the endless possibilities for recreation and beauty in all seasons!  I can still feel the elation of dropping into their bowls for a deep ski, the reward of a beer and view of our tracks afterwards, from the back of a truck. I long to hike the length of their ridges at once.

This is a spring view, as the valley begins to become alive, but still the higher world is dominated by snow.

As I was finishing this painting this weekend I felt a chill come over me and a strong sense of my good friend Allison, now gone, who has skied and loved all of these mountains. I will never forget you Allison. My personal title for this painting is “Allison is FREE”.

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