Whimsical Mixed Media Collage by Empty Easel

Pulp Marcel, mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 18″, ©2012, SOLD
Fun with Pulp Fiction
September 30, 2012
November 12, 2012
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Whimsical Mixed Media Collage by Empty Easel

Graffiti on Your Body, pink bike painting © Kellie Day


Grafitti On Your Body

Grafitti On Your Body, mixed media on canvas, ©2012, SOLD

“Seductive and feminine, (Kellie’s painting) combines pin-up style flirtation with ball-busting, coy flair.”

Colorado artist Kellie Day creates fun-filled, quirky collages on canvas guaranteed to make you embrace your child-like wonder and indulge in your most sensuous fantasies.

Surrounded by a limitless playground of mountains, biking trails, rivers and wildlife, Kellie lets her creative juices run wild. Simply put? She can make magic out of the ordinary, and coax a beautiful dance out of a stagnant object.

“My artistic process of mixed media on canvas often begins with watercolor and acrylic on rice paper. The process of adhering this paper to canvas distorts whatever I have painted in unexpected ways,” Kellie says. “I love how out of control it gets.”

So do I. Check out Graffiti On Your Body below. Inspired by a night of enjoying martinis and riding bikes with a good friend, Kellie created an ultra-feminine collage commemorating the night with floral patterns, hearts and lavish style…

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  1. yeah, baby – hit the nail on the head! “it signifies a time when all is right with the world.” uh, huh. xoxoxoxo.

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