Here's the story

I'm a mixed media artist from Colorado.

I’m in love with painting, the outdoors, and spreading creativity.

I believe in living your truest life, which means doing what your heart needs to do, and using your greatest calling for good, kind of like a super hero.

I am a little rough around the edges, and so are my paintings. I love to let the paint fly and sort out the details later. I don’t believe in being restricted on the canvas. You have to let go to see the magic.

Your history, and the weird stories you have to tell, are what make you who you are. They also inform your art.

I grew up in a lot of Midwestern industrial towns. My dad built coal-fired power plants and my mom is an artist. I spent years working for the US Forest Service – fighting fire, being a wilderness ranger and surveyor, and climbing around the world.

When you take time to make art, it’s a gift to yourself because it’s acknowledging that what your heart wants counts. This is important because the world needs art now more than ever.


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