Letting Go – vintage bicycle painting

Letting Go, vintage bicycle painting©Kellie Day

Letting Go

This piece is inspired by an art opening evening, in which I stole the bass player from the band and procured a ride on the handle bars of his bicycle … Up a steep hill he peddled, breathing hard in the dark – me, laughing hysterically. Until we hit a large hole in an alley, wrecking the bike, front tire exploding, and me – flying from the handle bars – still laughing hysterically. We proceeded to walk the last 50 yards to the enchanting house of a lovely young couple, who stood preparing a lovely marinara – French doors open wide. In we strode, crashing their candlelit dinner, and sitting with the best of company, sipping fine tequila with only ice and lime, and only a hard rain for music.




40" x 30"

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