Two bikes, Pink bike painting © Kellie Day, 24" x 24, mixed media on canvas
Two Bikes – pink bicycle painting
October 18, 2017
Street Art Buddha, 14" x 18", mixed media Buddha on canvas, ©Kellie Day
Street Art Buddha Painting
October 3, 2017
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Little Forest, mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12", $97 ©Kellie Day

Little Forest

With all my hikes and runs through these aspen tree forests in Ouray, Colorado, I can't help but paint them. In the morning the light comes through between the trees and streaks the forest floor with yellow, and the trees are back-lit with white ribbons running straight up their sides. Their cool blues a suave complement to the thousands of greens dancing endlessly around them. I’m endlessly curious about the markings on aspen tree trunks, especially the century-old art of Spanish sheepherders that roamed our mountains. I convey these trunks with scraps of papers I’ve bought, collected or been gifted by traveling friends. If you look close, you’ll find all kinds of beauty and humor. Even my son’s homework adorns a trunk or two. Read more here.


Available, $97


12" x 12"

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