Pearl Fish, mixed media on canvas © Kellie Day, 10" x 10"
Pearl Fish
December 4, 2017
Espolon, mixed media tequila painting ©Kellie Day
Espolon, mixed media Tequila painting
November 14, 2017

Winter Trees

These gorgeous trees in our Town Park were the view from my yoga studio years ago. I would stretch and look right into their limbs. One winter I knew I had to paint them. I began these tree paintings with collage, to form luscious texture. Then I poured Paints and Gels back and forth to create the bark. Once this was dry, I took these large canvases outside to spray paint the white snow, over small, crystal shaped stencils. This formed  the cool evening drifts of winter's snow flakes. Finally, I covered the background with this shimmering moody coating of Pearl Iridescent Paint. Each of these paintings is 36" x 36". You may purchase both together or separately. 


Available,  $3600 together or $1,800 each


72" x 36" diptych, or 36" x 36" each

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