Ninja Secrets Sell Your Art Course

If you're ready to start selling your Art and even show, but don't have the know-how on where to begin, NINJA is for you! This is everything you need to know to get up and running as a selling Artist fast.

Whether you are an oil painter, a watercolorist, a pastel artist or mixed media painter, Kellie will show you:

  • How to create a social media foundation for your Art business.
  • Start an email list and use it to seduce buyer and attract fans
  • Get your Art out in the world with a professional website.
  • Book a show, even if you’ve never shown before!
  • How to Price and photograph your Art.
  • How to start to show and sell your Art – even if you've never sold a painting.
  • Set up your online Art shop, where your fans can find you and easily buy your work.
  • How to sell paintings in person.
  • How to create products and prints with your paintings that you can sell, and add to your online shop!

All of this in 9 Videos, with all of my business tips I’ve developed for selling my own Art over the years, and Mentoring hundreds of women in starting to show and sell their own Art. These are my NINJA secrets – and they’re all available for YOU.

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Please note this is a self-supported program. If you are wanting to work personally with me in my elite VIP Art Mentoring program, visit my Art Mentoring page.


My Ninja Selling program uses the EXACT same content I use to sell my own paintings for thousands of dollars for over a decade. Over the course of 9 business videos, you’ll learn my well rounded approach for keeping your customers interested in your Art, with practical steps for selling, and developing your brand as an Artist ... even if you’ve never sold a painting!


Start sharing your Art and your beauty with the world today, while making money.

There are two reasons women never sell their Art: because they don’t believe they’re worth it, and because they don’t have the tools to get started. Everything you need is right here.

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Is this Course Worth it?

Are you wondering if this course will actually help your Art business? Maybe you want to do it but are scared or worried that it won't get you the results you want and then you'd have wasted your money? Well, the following are posts that happened in my Facebook group,and emails that have been sent to me ... women post these almost daily – so much so that I am often overwhelmed by how many there are!

So now that you know that this course is absolutely worth it... you can jump in and start selling your Art below!