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Holiday Gifts Painting Projects with Kellie Day
Holiday Gifts Painting Project
November 15, 2022
Love Poem - pink flower painting
Love Poem – pink flower painting
December 7, 2022
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3 Inspiring Painting Projects


Have THREE inspiring painting projects including PAINTING WILDLY IN A PINEAPPLE, PEEKABOO FLOWERS, and DELIGHTFUL MIXED MEDIA BIRDS and enjoy sparking your inspiration! Here’s a quick peekaboo into the flower project… AND you’ll ALSO get the other two projects with this!



As soon as you enroll you will have access to your Art Project!

Have 3 inspiring painting projects at your fingertips, including PAINTING WILDLY IN A PINEAPPLE, PEEKABOO FLOWERS painting, and DELIGHTFUL MIXED MEDIA BIRDS ... Enjoy sparking your creativity in these easy-to-follow, quickie videos the will get you in the flow in no time!

This incredibly playful & out-of-the-box project presents you with a new way to get into your creative flow, loosen WAY up & create exciting, paintings to teach you to free up your painting and add joy to your life.

How to Paint Wildly with a Pineapple

In this bite-size class, I’ll take you through my process of painting wildly and being uninhibited in your creativity. Learn about Fluid Acrylic Paint, how to do an Acrylic Pour, create background textures, and build up a happy pineapple.

Peekaboo Flower Painting Class

In this class, I’ll show you how to create these cheerful flowers on your canvas with EASY, relaxed drawing, and then combine acrylic paint with your collage, to create a cool background.

Delightful Mixed Media Birds

In this bite-size class you’ll learn how to use bird illustrations off the internet to create your own UNIQUE and adorned birds. Build up lovely layers, and learn finishing touches.

Add some sweetness to your life by giving yourself the gift of painting...

"You are absolutely my favorite artist and I always go to your work when I need inspiration! Thanks!" - Kristen

"I took your class online last summer, and loved it. In fact my painting from that class I entered in the Colorado Contest, and won as on of the selected art pieces for the Aha School Gallery showing… You’ve been one of my inspirations."  – Darla

"I just have to say that you go above and beyond in supporting your students!  The spontaneity and serendipity (or at least it looks like that) of your work is so inspiring! Thanks for being so generous with yourself!" - Sheelagh

"I was inspired and have told anyone who would listen that I think I've found my creative calling.  I absolutely LOVED doing the collages and can't wait to dig in more.  I'll be using the supply list in the near future to get set up for winter creative pursuits." – Allysia

"(Kellie Day) She gave me inspiration and encouragement and I am forever grateful… Not to be too sentimental but your workshop was the first time I really felt like an artist and the potential to do good work. Your encouragement started me on my path and I will never forget your generosity and kindness. Thank you.' - Heather 

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