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January 19, 2024
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Mixed Media Songbirds – Painting Class


Mixed Media Songbirds – Painting Class

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As soon as you enroll you will have access to your Art Project!

Relax, get in the creative flow, and really enjoy the process … I’ll make it easy for you (heart) – and you’ll create a stunning Songbird painting!

When you're done painting these songbirds, you can use this process to create more paintings with other subjects.

This elegant and doable painting class gives you with a quick way to get into your creative flow, loosen WAY up & create a lovely painting to hang on your wall and feel a sense of artful accomplishment!

What you get:

  • SEVEN painting videos that lead you step-by-step through a happy painting process, to create your own unique songbirds painting.
  • A complete list of the BEST mixed media painting materials – all my favorite tools!
  • Downloadable BIRD ILLUSTRATION in case you are intimidated to draw – and how to make them YOURS.

What you’ll learn:

  • Make a collage background – we’re going to go in depth on how to make a lovely mixed media background, and exactly how to do it.
  • Make transparent paint and create layers
  • Create a transparent paint layer on top of your collage, and use bits of both to create an interesting background.
  • How to use great color palettes, including fluorescent paints to mix spectacular colors. 
  • Learn fun details that make an interesting painting that people want to keep looking at.
  • How to combine collage and paint for captivating effects
  • Using playfulness to get into your creative flow
  • Discover the magic of “happy accidents”
  • Learn to create balance in your painting
  • Creating a subject that is professional – not amateur
  • Making blossoms interesting
  • Learn the back and forth of finalizing a painting that you really love
  • Learn my thinking process as I develop my painting – I’ll showing you everything you need to know to think about creating your own stunning paintings.

You can use this painting project again and again for many different subjects like a lemon tree, butterflies, little animals and so much more. It’s a process you can use over and over!

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