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Masters Art Program
March 24, 2021
Transform Your Art 8 week program with Kellie Day
Transform Your Art 8 Weeks
May 17, 2021
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Transform Your Art VIRTUAL ART MENTORING Course


If you’re ready to Transform Your Art to the next level, this course is for you!

Whether you are an experienced painter looking to break through to new levels, or a dabbler, this is the complete journey to becoming a professional-quality painter.

You’ll open up to:

• How to re-light your spirit, get inspired, and begin a daily Artist routine to live the rest of your life as an Artist.

• How to begin paintings in a joyful, playful way, and get out of your head!

• How to work through challenges in your painting and finish them professionally.

• How to use mixed media including collage, paint and more to build captivating paintings.

• How to start to hone in on your own unique style, and discover what you have to share in this world, that’s unique to YOU.

• How to have an Artist mindset and build your confidence so you can finally believe you’re GOOD ENOUGH.

• … and even how to start selling. Even if you haven’t painted in decades.

This is much more than an Art class and a series of art lessons. It is a rich immersion in finding inspiration with your own unique artistic voice – and finally living your life as a professional quality Artist.

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