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March 25, 2017
Wilson Peak Painting, Telluride, ©Kellie Day

How to Start a Commission – Wilson Peak, Telluride

I’m getting ready to do my biggest commission ever, one of Wilson Peak. I’ve painted Wilson many times, and my latest version, “Wilson Fog” is on display at the Telluride Library now. My favorite of all times is just called, “Wilson”, and it lives in New York I believe, with […]
September 12, 2013
Up 2 Wilson, mixed media on canvas by Kellie Day, 30" x 30", Available, ©2013

Up 2 Wilson

Just out of treeline, working so hard, the rush of the altitude, busting up into the free world where you can see forevor and it’s all white. That’s what’s happening here, high on Wilson Peak in Telluride, Colorado. Such a stunning view as you head up the valley, or ski […]
February 3, 2012
Wilson, by Kellie Day


Wilson Peak Telluride strikes the sky with it’s pyramid peak glorious, sensuous knife blade ridges falling away Calling the climbers to come Come to the sky with me.