Winter Birds

Winter Birds, mixed media on canvas, Triptic, 56" x 36", ©2012, Available
Winter Birds, mixed media on canvas by Kellie Day, Triptic, 56" x 36"

Winter Birds, mixed media on canvas, Triptic, 56″ x 36″

Over the period of time that I painted these birds, every time I closed my eyes I saw wings. After a while, I even began to feel the sensation of flying over our valley, of swooping down. From this painting, I learned to work from a very authentic place. I could feel the weightlessness, the support of the air, effortless soaring. No matter what is happening, there is this place.

I love looking at these birds, because they are that sensation.

Winter Birds, along with more of my new works, will be on display at La Cocina de Luz Restaurant in Telluride, Colorado beginning December 1, 2011  through the month. La Cocina is located at 123 East Colorado Avenue, Telluride.


  1. Kristy says:

    So beautiful Kellie…I am big fan.

  2. Keri Gaddis says:

    I saw these when they were on exhibit at La cocina and absolutely loved them! You have great talents Kellie. Thank you for giving me your website to look at.

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