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My artistic medium is mixed media on canvas. I like the way words mix with images, and often add poems, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of surprises.

As with most creative people, the process is a dance of becoming completely overtaken by the moment and not thinking. This “flow” is where the magic lies. I am very interested and constantly exploring the process of painting and being in this flow. It is much bigger than the work itself.

I feel I’m here to spread beauty. With my art I hope to do this. I hope you will find a little bit as you look around my site … Thanks for stopping by.


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Take a Peek into my Studio

Kellie Day on painting and the joys of mixed media


Mama Mia and Ride paintings by Kellie Day

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G-party I've been taking a wonderful online class from Flora Bowley and experimenting with large canvases. "G-party" is the result of my fascination with bikes and hispanic folk art and culture, thus, the low-rider/chopper bike. Also, I was listening to Snoop Dog, "Gin and Juice" when I started painting the bike, so a little hip hop involved here. Mostly this was all about play and experimentation. I've been feeling for a long time like I [more]

Time and Flowers

Time and Flowers Do the thing you can't, that is how it gets done. A subscriber recently asked me how I find time to paint. Right now, that is incredibly hard. All the great things I have done with my life have been things I shouldn't have done... I quit my job out of college and became a  Volunteer Wilderness Ranger in Sedona, AZ. I traveled to 20,000 feet in Tibet when I should have been working. I spent summers on end climbing in the Swiss [more]

Dulce Vita

Dulce Vita This painting is a visual, layered journal of the last few months. The most important thing I'm learning is that painting isn't about forcing beauty to come out – what's going to emerge on the canvas is going to emerge – what I learned is that painting is about giving the earth a gift of your expression. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad, or people like it, or it's going to go down in history. What's happening here is just [more]

Too Much to Tell

Too Much to Tell There's so much going on with ART lately, where do I start? ...  LATEST WORKS YES! – A 12" x 12" bike painting inspired by recent spring like weather, enough to give the best of us spring fever. OK, maybe not the die-hard skiers, but I'll take it. I've spent evenings biking around with my son to the river, to the dirt bike trails and to outdoor ping pong in the park, followed by impromptu performances on the park stage! Yes, as a [more]

The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting GoHere's one minute worth of extras from our day of filming with Infusion 5.... Zach Wolfson just sent me a minute more from our day of filming in my studio: "Kellie shares her approach to letting go while painting and the rewards that she finds in doing so. Watch the full episode with Kellie on Beyond the Gallery:" Or on YouTube:... [more]

This Beautiful Mess

This Beautiful Mess From beneath this Beautiful Mess I have just cracked open The sound of the wind is like a freight train reminding me of the helicopter crash in southern Cal, and the fire that came towards us My heart a drum. Roaring through the trees and burying the mountains in black sky This storm – the ferocity of it – I beg it to blow harder I beg it to blow harder so that I can scream at it for all it has done to me, All [more]

Take a Peek into my Studio

Take a Peek into my StudioTake a peek into my studio and what I love about mixed media, with this 5 minute episode from Infusion 5. Infusion 5 broadcasts an internet series called, "Beyond the Gallery", which features different artists each week. Hand-crafted in Colorado Springs and Denver, CO, Infusion 5 director Zach Wolfson films creatives across Colorado. Recently, Colorado Creative Industries asked Wolf to film 20 Colorado artists as part of an [more]

Works in progress this week

Works in progress this week Between website projects, runs, yoga, skiing, drinks with girlfriends and feeding my bottomless pit of a seven-year-old, I'm working on a large, peaceful mountain landscape for a commission. Although you can only see a tidbit of it here, I'm really excited about this peace because, it's magical, serene and cool with its snowy blue colors. I can't wait to see what occurs on the canvases over the next week. A large nude sits in [more]

MOONWALK Creatives in River Park – This Friday, January 17

MOONWALK Creatives in River Park – This Friday, January 17 Please join the Ridgway Creative District and Weehawken Creative Arts for 2014’s first Ridgway MoonWalk:  Creatives in River Park, on Friday, January 17, 2014, from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. I’ll be displaying recent artworks at Bennett Forgeworks, 669 N. Cora St., along with Daniel Norman and Tom Bennett. Walk River Park and see works of artists who live in the River Park neighborhood. Start by picking up the MoonWalk map/brochure at [more]

Twenty by 20 – What inspires me in 20 photos

Twenty by 20 – What inspires me in 20 photosFor those of you who missed it, here's my presentation from Telluride's Sheridan bar recently: 20 photos of what inspires me... enjoy! [more]

An Evening of Art at the Independence Building

An Evening of Art at the Independence Building Thanks to all who came out for our holiday art show this weekend, it was a spectacular turnout, and a warm cozy evening. Here are a few photos from this Friday's show, including metal works by Sven Krebs, photographic art by Shauna Tewksbury, and my own mixed media paintings. If you are interested in any of my paintings for holiday gifts, please contact me directly. I am offering 20% off for the month of December. For more [more]

Where the Sun Sleeps

Where the Sun Sleeps Just got back from a restful week in South Carolina, where I started this aspen painting in my parents' garage. Their garage also serves as their art studios, as both my parents are artists. My mom paints horses, my dad paints cows. My mom uses wild, passionate brush strokes and my dad – being of engineering background, and sound mind – carefully measures out his spaces and proportions. This artist child is the exact middle of [more]