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Pedal to Petal mixed media e-course with Kellie DayREGISTRATION is Now Open for the February 6 E-course! Click here to RegisterThis class is for you if you are longing to express your creative self more fully, and would like to learn mixed media painting in a relaxed, joyful way. Each day you’ll login from any computer, at any time to an inspiring class with a written lesson, photos, quotes, resources and videos showing my techniques. See photos, read reviews and Learn more here.

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MIXED media painter from Colorado, kellie DayI like the way words mix with images, and often add Chinese take-out containers, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of surprises. Read more

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My favorite things – Art supplies I love

My favorite things – Art supplies I love If you get as excited as I do about art supplies, then you might like this ... I always enjoy seeing what other artist's favorite tools of the trade are, so I thought I'd share a few of my own with you .... Enjoy! GOLDEN, HEAVY-BODIED ACRYLIC PAINTS. There is nothing like buying the best paint available. I used student grades paints for a long time, and those are wonderful, but nothing delights the brush like moving  really [more]

Art Trippin’ in Denver

Art Trippin’ in Denver I live in a small town. And by small, I mean 1,000 people. The nearest big city is six hours away. And the importance of getting-the-hell-outa-Dodge cannot be underestimated. This weekend a dear friend and I rented an adorable Airbnb Bungalow in the RiNo District of Denver (River North Art), and hit the pavement. I’ve been wanting to explore this up and coming neighborhood, and it did not disappoint. Coffee shops, concrete dive [more]

Screw Your Passion, Follow Your Bliss – mixed media birds

Screw Your Passion, Follow Your Bliss – mixed media birds I just read this article, “Screw Finding Your Passion”, by Mark Manson. He starts out like this: “…(When you were a kid) If you loved looking for bugs, you just did that. There was no second-level analysis of, ‘Well, is looking for bugs really what I should be doing with my time as a child? Nobody else wants to look for bugs, does that mean there’s something wrong with me? How will looking for bugs affect my future [more]

Student Work

Student WorkYou can't imagine all of the amazing ART that has come out of students from my online class, Pedal to Petal. Here are just a few ...   Thanks to all you amazing artists who've poured your heart and paint out onto the canvas. It's been beautiful to watch! Kellie Pedal to Petal is a 12-day mixed media online painting class.  Join the fun here: Mixed Media Ecourse ... Registration for the next class opens November 21! [more]

ART BAR – Making Art In Bite Sized Pieces

ART BAR – Making Art In Bite Sized Pieces Making art in bite-sized pieces is about as relaxed as it gets. And that's what Art Bar's all about. Many towns across the US are putting on what's known as "Art Bars". Although fine artists may scoff at the thought of a two hour, wine laden "class", it really is a great way to get your creativity on! Last night, I had the honor to teach a "Day of the Dead" mini painting class at Ridgway, Colorado's historical Sherbino Theatre. [more]

Far from Blue, mixed media aspen tree painting

Far from Blue, mixed media aspen tree painting I have been trying to figure out the meaning of life again. I do that every now and then. And with all these leaves falling, and the coming of winter, I remember on some very deep level, that things do have to come to an end, eventually. The only thing I could come up with while I was driving, while the first fall storm blew in, and blew out the last of the gold leaves, was to Love my son. If not for him, then what? This morning [more]

Canyon Exploring in Southern Utah, and Wilderness

Canyon Exploring in Southern Utah, and Wilderness This weekend I hiked up a quiet, water-filled canyon in southern Utah that was on the same road I'd camped on for years – right under my nose – and I never knew it was there. I've been coming to the desert of southern Utah every spring and fall since I was 21.  It's always good to know I can never run out of places to explore. My friend Char brought lamb curry, and with a little wine by the campfire, with the stars, next to [more]

Kahtoola T-shirt Art – Appealing to Clients at a Heart Level

Kahtoola T-shirt Art – Appealing to Clients at a Heart Level These days, corporate branding for the outdoor industry needs to be a lot more than the standard fair. It needs to appeal to clients at a heart level. That's why Danny Giovale, of Kahtoola Inc, approached me to create three paintings for his company branding. Kahtoola founder Giovale not only designs snow-travel products, such as crampons and snowshoes, he also lives the outdoor lifestyle in Flagstaff, Arizona. With a deep knowing [more]

Dia de los Muertos Mini Paintings - An Art Tutorial

Good morning! We are enjoying a glorious fall here in southwest Colorado and are about to head out into the desert today to visit the wild horses and stay in a cabin. As many of you know, one of my favorite folk art holidays is approaching, and I am already unable to contain myself with excitement over making Day of the Dead calavera (skull) art! Today I wanted to share with you one of my Dia de los Muertos art projects, mixed media [more]

Flowers for John, mixed media sunflower painting

Flowers for John, mixed media sunflower painting How is it a 40-something year old woman wakes up and wants to fingerpaint? Good living I guess... Pyrolean Red, Iridescent Gold, Cadmium Orange – I scooped big fingers full out of Golden Paint jars and slathered them on an old canvas. I mainly just used my hands for this painting, and some scraping tools. An old espresso pot painting sat in my garage for years and I was going to gesso over it to create these sunflowers that had [more]

First-Ever Family Art Exhibit

First-Ever Family Art Exhibit As long as I can remember, mom has been creating art. From her first experiments in etchings in our yellow house in Holland, Michigan, she created sweeping scenes of sand dunes on the edge of Lake Michigan, and geese, with long, elegant necks, dangling their legs into cool clear water. Later, as she became fascinated by the wild horses of the American west, mom (Karen Keene Day) would travel from Montana to Wyoming, to the [more]

Teaching kids to spray paint, hmmm

Teaching kids to spray paint, hmmmI've been a big fan of street art for a while now and, truth be told, would love to drop in on the scene and follow the greats around for a bit. We're a little deprived of culture here in southwest Colorado – other than cowboys. I love the passion, the freedom, and the rebellious nature of the art. As a mixed media artist, I also love seeing those who've taken these techniques to the canvas. I finally picked up some spray [more]