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My artistic medium is mixed media on canvas. I like the way words mix with images, and often add Chinese take-out containers, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of surprises.

I am an experiential artist, meaning, I typically develop a relationship with my subject before painting it. To paint snow-covered mountains, I hike to the top and ski down. To paint aspen trees, I run through their shimmering leaves on mountain trails. To paint ravens, I watch them fly overhead in a desert canyon, and listen to the sound of their wings. When these images start simmering in my brain, this is the seed of my work.

I hope that my work will bring joy to you. Or inspiration, or sweetness or something meaningful as you look around my site … Thanks for stopping by.


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Pedal to Petal, my Mixed Media e-Course

Pedal to Petal, my Mixed Media e-Course If you're in the mood to explore your creativity, and learn my mixed media techniques, I just opened registration for Pedal to Petal, my new online art course! THIS 12-DAY ONLINE ART CLASS IS DESIGNED TO SPARK YOUR INSPIRATION AND TEACH YOU MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS IN A JOYFUL, PLAYFUL STYLE. Pedal to Petal is a mixed media online class that builds upon itself. Each day you’ll login from any computer to find today’s class filled [more]

Poppy Painting and Gypsy Music

Poppy Painting and Gypsy Music The Poppy SUMMER set lip to earth's bosom bare, And left the flush'd print in a poppy there; Like a yawn of fire from the grass it came, And the fanning wind puff'd it to flapping flame. With burnt mouth red like a lion's it drank The blood of the sun as he slaughter'd sank, And dipp'd its cup in the purpurate shine When the eastern conduits ran with wine. Till it grew lethargied with fierce bliss, And hot as a swinkèd [more]

Lucky Bike, a mixed media pink bicycle

Lucky Bike, a mixed media pink bicycle Pink bikes, orange stars, yellow moons ... I can't get the Lucky Charms ad out of my head. I'm having so much fun painting for my upcoming online course. Videos are coming together with fun music. Lesson plans are being written in colorful ways, photos are revealing and ready to go! This mixed media pink bike is one painting I'll be showing students from start to finish. There's lot's more work to be done to package my [more]

Durango Spring Art Walk

Durango Spring Art Walk Feel like getting out? May 8, Durango Colorado holds its annual Spring Art Walk, and Durango galleries are opening their doors with artists and appetizers. If you're in Durango, Colorado May 8, stop by Eno Cafe for my latest exhibit, "Birds, Bikes & Blossoms". Eno, a Durango coffee/wine/tapas bar, has an exciting contemporary atmosphere dedicated to what they believe are the finer things in life...gourmet coffee, fine wine, [more]

Summer Sheets. Steps to a Blissful Flower Painting

Summer Sheets. Steps to a Blissful Flower Painting STEP 1: Take a vacation – get away from it all. Don't cook. Just go somewhere lovely, get a lovely place to stay, and just relax. STEP 2: Come home on Friday, so you have the whole weekend to relax, wash flowery sheets to get in the mood for summer, and drink tea from lovely cups. STEP 3: Paint something low-commitment, just fun. Like collaging cool scraps onto a fun-sized canvas while eating fun-sized candy bars. STEP 4: [more]

Nutty Neighbors & Bursting Blossoms

Nutty Neighbors & Bursting Blossoms Headed on vacation tomorrow to see my family in South Carolina. This is not where we are from, but it's where my parents ended up. Lucky for us, we'll get to see all the kiddos put their feets in the sand. And I look forward very much to reading a book and taking long walks on the beach with my brother and sister and parents. Here's the blossom painting I've been working on for a while. My usual mixed media flowers. Spring is in [more]

La La La Cocina, Telluride Art Show

La La La Cocina, Telluride Art Show What is peanut butter without jelly, what are cookies without milk? Or the right Red without the savoriest of meats? Most things we do are better with someone else, and being an artist is no exception. This is the case with my relationship with the super yummy, organic  La Cocina de Luz restaurant, on the main street of Telluride, Colorado. Thanks to Lucas Price and Judy Haas, I have had many shows on big open walls, with high [more]

The Foundation of a Painting is in the Knowing

The Foundation of a Painting is in the KnowingRoots of an aspen painting – first the skiing, observing, driving my partner cuckoo by stopping to take photos. Then the rough, fun collage backgrounds... stay tuned for the paint throwing. [more]

Finding my Voice in a Songbird Painting

Finding my Voice in a Songbird Painting I have been staring at an older painting of mine and having urges to rework it. Since I'm trying to get better at following my intuition, I went ahead and started painting over it. Risk ruining a painting? Yes, because RISK is what it takes to make good art great. Whether or not you think this painting is great, it feels like a true expression of my voice, and I love that. For a long time I've been working towards finding my voice [more]

The Story of the Bird Family

The Story of the Bird Family “This sky where we live is no place to lose your wings so love, love, love.” – Hafiz I grew up knowing my mother's side was the Bird family. But it was my cousin Kathleen, who reminded me after I finished this mixed media bird painting, that her middle name was Bird. I have been thinking a lot about the Birds ever since. When we remember our ancestors, and look into the faces of those with traces of our own selves, we [more]

There Was This Orange

There Was This Orange In playing with my new white paint markers, I got down on the floor and doodled away, with no regard to the feelings of the orange. When all was said and done, I had this cheerful piece that now lights up my whole kitchen with happy vibes. My poor kitchen wall has so many holes in it from switching out paintings, trying them on, selling them, replacing them, and dropping them and denting my heater below, and so on. Sometimes you [more]

Inspiration, is it for Amateurs?

Inspiration, is it for Amateurs? I overheard a comment a student of mine made at SQUAM last fall, and have been thinking about it ever since. "Inspiration is for amateurs", she said, quoting another artist. I talk a lot about inspiration when I teach – was I missing something – is it just fluff? I think inspiration is a gift, and the result of feeling fully alive, in the moment – some say, to be "in spirit" – a gift that brings with it a whirl of ideas [more]

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