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My artistic medium is mixed media on canvas. I like the way words mix with images, and often add poems, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of surprises.

As with most creative people, the process is a dance of becoming completely overtaken by the moment and not thinking. This “flow” is where the magic lies. I am very interested and constantly exploring the process of painting and being in this flow. It is much bigger than the work itself.

I feel I’m here to spread beauty. With my art I hope to do this. I hope you will find a little bit as you look around my site … Thanks for stopping by.


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Holy War, mixed media nude

Holy War, mixed media nude You Were Brave in that Holy War You have done well In the contest of madness. You were brave in that holy war. You have all the honorable wounds Of one who has tried to find love Where the Beautiful Bird Does not drink ... Wayfarer, Why not rest your tired body? Lean back and close your eyes. Come morning I will kneel by your side and feed you. I will so gently Spread open your mouth And let you taste something of [more]

Class Act

Class Act I never considered myself a "natural" teacher, despite the long line of teachers in my family. Yet there’s a big difference between teaching National Forest issues as a Wilderness Ranger, (a previous life) and infusing students with my love of art. Yesterday I spent the day with a group of women teaching mixed media. In the morning we painted in the tall grasses by the river. We journaled with watercolors and pencils and pens, and [more]

Mid Summer Art News

Mid Summer Art News Baseball, biking, running, reading, long evenings on the porch, concerts in the park and lots of family. This is summer so far, along with waves of overwhelming creativity – if I just had time to make it all! I also work daily in my graphic design studio, creating logos and websites. Upcoming mixed media class Next Saturday, July 19, I'll be teaching a full day mixed media class through Weehawken Arts in Ridgway, CO. This class [more]

Ode to Wine

Ode to Wine Ode To Wine, by Pablo Neruda Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood, wine, starry child of earth, wine, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet, wine, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine; never has one goblet contained you, one song, one man, you are choral, gregarious, at the least, you must be shared... A jug of wine, and thou beside [more]

Playing, Dreaming, and Stepping into the Unknown

Playing, Dreaming, and Stepping into the UnknownToday I'm combining techniques I learned in Flora Bowley's class with... ? With what? That's what I'm wondering. I'm dreaming of soft backgrounds, when I combine these bold photos with MY techniques, however I have no idea how that's going to happen. I've got great contrast and colors going on right now. But they won't even show by the time I'm through. These backgrounds will become important subtleties to their future selves, this [more]

Fun with Wood Panels

Fun with Wood Panels I'm having tons of fun creating these little wood panels prints, inspired by my recent travels to Flagstaff and Denver. I love seeing what other artists are doing, and particularly enjoy large installations of small prints. These prints are vibrant, colorful and affordable. They're fun because you can just set them on a shelf or the top of a bookcase, or hang them like regular artwork. Off to paint wine bottles for Wild Apple! But [more]

When the River is Swollen

When the River is Swollen   When the river is swollen and lets loose its great, muddy flow I witness the catastrophe.   Holding on to the last bit of anything worth holding on to with all its might   until the proportions of what can hold a thing Tip, and what has clung to a mountainside for a month or a season or a lifetime, Falls.   Banks break in great chunks of sand slamming [more]

What's Happening

What's Happening Happening I'm excited to let you know that my work has just become licensed by Wild Apple Graphics. Licensing makes my art affordable to a much broader market. Wild Apple is one of the world's top fine art publishers and licensors of trend-forward art. Their collections of wall decor can be found around the globe at retailers, galleries, design projects, hotels, restaurants and more. Wild Apple's wall art is sold through mainstream [more]


Effulgence The Blue Room The back room, the blue one – the cool, icey blue on the walls that made you breathe deep when you walked in. The back room, the cool room, the one with the strawberry patch outside. Surrounded by cool, peach roses. 200 of them to be exact. The TV antennae that hummed when you turned it. The football games, the roast beef. Zingerman's deli. The cherry tree, so old its bark was black, with thick, [more]

When Mistakes are Made, Play

When Mistakes are Made, Play I have been thinking about mistakes lately. I've been making a few – in real life, that is – in Art I make them all the time. It's tough to get close to creating something wonderful and then mess up, no matter what it is. We beat ourselves up, we "waste time", we throw out something that could have been so beautiful. When I realized a large vase of flowers I was working on wasn't going to make it, I decided to gesso (paint over [more]


G-party I've been taking a wonderful online class from Flora Bowley and experimenting with large canvases. "G-party" is the result of my fascination with bikes and hispanic folk art and culture, thus, the low-rider/chopper bike. Also, I was listening to Snoop Dog, "Gin and Juice" when I started painting the bike, so a little hip hop involved here. Mostly this was all about play and experimentation. I've been feeling for a long time like I [more]

Time and Flowers

Time and Flowers Do the thing you can't, that is how it gets done. A subscriber recently asked me how I find time to paint. Right now, that is incredibly hard. All the great things I have done with my life have been things I shouldn't have done... I quit my job out of college and became a  Volunteer Wilderness Ranger in Sedona, AZ. I traveled to 20,000 feet in Tibet when I should have been working. I spent summers on end climbing in the Swiss [more]