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READY TO EXPLORE YOUR ART AND REALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN THIS YEAR? Join me, and women from across the country for this uplifting, painting E-course starting February 6. You’ll have three months to savor 12 inspiring painting lessons that will lead you to your own professional-quality, mixed media paintings. Sign Up Here. Class starts February 6!

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A Few Things I Found Marvelous this Winter Break: Read about my latest favorite artists, books, music and more here!
Watch me paint poppies in my latest video here!
Collaborations: Watch for my dear friend Erika Gordon’s new poetry book, with my painting UNFURL on the cover!

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Kellie Day on painting and the joys of mixed media – Visit Kellie’s studio in this 5 minute video by Infusion Five!

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MIXED media painter from Colorado, kellie DayI like the way words mix with images, and often add Chinese take-out containers, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of surprises. Read more

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A few things I found marvelous this winter break

A few things I found marvelous this winter break This winter break, I took a hiatus from writing and basked in the light of other stimulating artists, music, books and more. Here are just a few ... Austin Kleon's Show Your Work - This book is so inspiring and bite-size. If you are an artist or trying to get up the courage to be one, this book will give you a million reasons why you have every right to be doing it right now. Beyond that, he gives you another million reasons why you [more]

Winter Solstice at Chaco Canyon

Winter Solstice at Chaco Canyon This week I had the urge to go to Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico. I packed up to head down there and realized the beautiful coincidence – I would be there on winter solstice. I LOVE winter solstice not because its the shortest day of the year, but because it represents the great miracle of our planet tilting towards the sun. I am so thankful for this shift that I will spend the entire day celebrating it. Celebrating the days [more]

Noel Night – a Holiday Evening of Art

Noel Night – a Holiday Evening of Art Thanks to Michele Follis for writing this lovely post on our recent Holiday Evening of Art... One of my favorite holiday events is Noel Night in Ridgway! This year 28 businesses participated in the festivities. Noel Night is an invitation for folks to shop locally, connect with friends, watch the Christmas parade and kick off the holiday season with some fun! This year Ridgway Real Estate was lucky enough to host the works of three [more]

In the Studio Video – Painting Poppies

I've been meaning to start posting more "behind the scenes" clips from my studio for all of you interested in the process of making art. Here's a glimpse of me painting mixed media poppies with pen and ink, and collage. This work of art is a playful piece with sketching, line art, collage and acrylic paint. Watch as I put it all together for the final 40" x 20" painting. Enjoy! If you'd like to learn to paint mixed media with [more]

16 Again, a story of black and white line art

16 Again, a story of black and white line art I have always been enthralled by black and white line art. One beautifully drawn black line can move me more than most things on Earth. The beauty and elegance of how it gracefully elongates itself onto blank.white.paper. What can compare? Add to that a drippy line, one made with pen and ink, one with a mind of its own that does not cooperate. So much bliss can come from the unexpected. I know that by the time I am ninety, [more]

Naked Rumors of 240 Donuts

Naked Rumors of 240 Donuts I heard this weekend that an angry man who was ejected from a Wisconsin football game by police – instead of opening fire with a weapon or sending a bomb – sent 240 coconut donuts to the cop shop. Bravo, beautiful crazy person. Followed by yet another shooting on American soil at Colorado Springs’ Planned Parenthood, this one man’s action begs the question – can we retrain our trigger finger? Can the next angry person [more]

My favorite things – Art supplies I love

My favorite things – Art supplies I love If you get as excited as I do about art supplies, then you might like this ... I always enjoy seeing what other artist's favorite tools of the trade are, so I thought I'd share a few of my own with you .... Enjoy! GOLDEN, HEAVY-BODIED ACRYLIC PAINTS. There is nothing like buying the best paint available. I used student grades paints for a long time, and those are wonderful, but nothing delights the brush like moving  really [more]

Art Trippin’ in Denver

Art Trippin’ in Denver I live in a small town. And by small, I mean 1,000 people. The nearest big city is six hours away. And the importance of getting-the-hell-outa-Dodge cannot be underestimated. This weekend a dear friend and I rented an adorable Airbnb Bungalow in the RiNo District of Denver (River North Art), and hit the pavement. I’ve been wanting to explore this up and coming neighborhood, and it did not disappoint. Coffee shops, concrete dive [more]

Screw Your Passion, Follow Your Bliss – mixed media birds

Screw Your Passion, Follow Your Bliss – mixed media birds I just read this article, “Screw Finding Your Passion”, by Mark Manson. He starts out like this: “…(When you were a kid) If you loved looking for bugs, you just did that. There was no second-level analysis of, ‘Well, is looking for bugs really what I should be doing with my time as a child? Nobody else wants to look for bugs, does that mean there’s something wrong with me? How will looking for bugs affect my future [more]

Student Work

Student WorkYou can't imagine all of the amazing ART that has come out of students from my online class, Pedal to Petal. Here are just a few ...   Thanks to all you amazing artists who've poured your heart and paint out onto the canvas. It's been beautiful to watch! Kellie Pedal to Petal is a 12-day mixed media online painting class.  Join the fun here: Mixed Media Ecourse ... Registration for the next class opens November 21! [more]

ART BAR – Making Art In Bite Sized Pieces

ART BAR – Making Art In Bite Sized Pieces Making art in bite-sized pieces is about as relaxed as it gets. And that's what Art Bar's all about. Many towns across the US are putting on what's known as "Art Bars". Although fine artists may scoff at the thought of a two hour, wine laden "class", it really is a great way to get your creativity on! Last night, I had the honor to teach a "Day of the Dead" mini painting class at Ridgway, Colorado's historical Sherbino Theatre. [more]

Far from Blue, mixed media aspen tree painting

Far from Blue, mixed media aspen tree painting I have been trying to figure out the meaning of life again. I do that every now and then. And with all these leaves falling, and the coming of winter, I remember on some very deep level, that things do have to come to an end, eventually. The only thing I could come up with while I was driving, while the first fall storm blew in, and blew out the last of the gold leaves, was to Love my son. If not for him, then what? This morning [more]