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Flagstaff, Arizona 2-day mixed media workshop with Kellie Day
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Mixed Media Collage Sampler –Explore how to create free flowing collage backgrounds, layer different media, play with paint, convey vibrant moods with their subject matter, and apply finishing touches. July 22, 2016 at the AHHAA Art School. Read more here

Pedal to Petal Mixed Media E-course: The February class is now closed. Please email me if you would like to be notified of the next class. You can read about the course and read reviews here!

Free Mixed Media Tutorials! Visit my vimeo channel for video tutorials. And be sure to check back soon as I schedule more classes!

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mixed media bird in flight
SHOWS: Here are a few thoughts on my current exhibit in Telluride, Colorado, “Fingerpainting, Stencils & Weightlessness
Erika Gordon’s new poetry book, with my painting UNFURL on the cover is now available for pre-order from Middle Creek Publishing here. Read the write up in Denver’s 5280 Magazine here
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Watch me paint poppies in my latest video here!

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Kellie Day on painting and the joys of mixed media – Visit Kellie’s studio in this 5 minute video by Infusion Five!

My Art

MIXED media painter from Colorado, kellie DayI like the way words mix with images, and often add Chinese take-out containers, chocolate wrappers and torn pages of books to my paintings that can be serendipitous to the viewer. If you look closely, you’ll find all kinds of surprises. Read more

Remodeling and Home Design

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Bite-Size Classes: Layering Textures & Patterns into a Flower Pot

Bite-Size Classes: Layering Textures & Patterns into a Flower PotThis is the first of the Bite-Size Classes I'm developing for all of you to enjoy! These are colorful online, mixed media painting classes in video format that are affordable, uplifting and informative. Each class will contain little tidbits that you can incorporate into your own painting. Some will be for beginners, and some will be for students who have already taken my classes and are looking for further instruction. Watch the 1 [more]

When was the Last Time You Played Hooky?

When was the Last Time You Played Hooky? Last night I was sitting on the couch, having a glass of wine with my neighbor while our boys made noise all around us. There were paintings leaning up against all the walls – I'd just taken down my show in Telluride – and  Megan asked, "How do you find time to get inspired for all this art?" The answer is so simple – “You can’t get inspired by staring at the canvas. You have to actually go out and do the things [more]

Ode to a Juniper Tree

Ode to a Juniper Tree Ode to a Juniper Tree You.Luscious.Beast. Meet me at the topOf a stark desert landscapeAnd I will worship your thirsty barkWe can scream at the clouds"Come! Come!"Cool me with your puffy petalsAnd your Blue.Gray.Wall.Of rumbling disgruntledness.Terrorize me with your fiercebolts of lightningAnd I will scream back into the whipping windYou.Don't.Scare me. [more]

How I found time to be an artist

How I found time to be an artist I went to dinner with one of my most pizaaz-iest friends last night. Brilliance is so sexy. I hadn’t seen her in years and our lives had been through divorce, single parenting, wild child stories, several businesses and relationships. And here she was, looking better than ever at 50, surrounded by red paper lanterns in a Main Street sushi dive. In and out of many conversations, I was telling her about another brilliant friend of [more]

Klimt's Portrait of Ria Munk III and Unbridled Doodling

Klimt's Portrait of Ria Munk III and Unbridled Doodling This is what I believe in, and what I teach my students: prepare thoroughly, do multiple sketches, KNOW your subject and then when you approach the canvas – completely let go. What I like about Gustav Klimt's unfinished "Portrait of Ria Munk III",  is his unbridled doodling and dazzling, mismatched colors. And especially, his contrast between painting and scratching a pencil around – all wrapped up in a warm, sultry, "come to [more]

This Wild Playground

This Wild Playground The town of Ridgway, Colorado is run by creative, forward-thinking people who are highly supportive of the arts. They recently asked me to write about why I came to Ridgway, why I love this place so much. Here is my story... I live in a wild playground. A valley full of 12-14,000 foot mountains sculpted by glaciers that left behind a red river. This red river – the Uncompahgre – tumbles from Red Mountains that form the crown [more]

Bicycle paintings, pizza and beer, OH MY!

Bicycle paintings, pizza and beer, OH MY!I've been remiss at blog posting the last couple of months, balancing my graphic design studio, single parenting, and continuing to build my art career. In an effort to catch you up, here are some recent news and events ... Latest Work: Bicycle for Trader Joe's Greeting Cards This painting was so incredibly fun to work on. It was a request for Trader Joe's greeting card line, and the original 30" x 30" painting is also available. I [more]

Fingerpainting, Stencils and Weightlessness –  A Telluride Art Exhibit in March

Fingerpainting, Stencils and Weightlessness –  A Telluride Art Exhibit in March I was recently asked to write about my upcoming March exhibit in Telluride Colorado. Here are a few thoughts on some of the pieces I'll be showing from aspens to sunflowers to stencil experiments ... This collection of mixed media paintings is just an experiment of me trying to be free. Free of thought, free to feel inspiration, free of the constraints of this world, and at the same time, freely expressing it’s beauty. A blue and [more]

A few things I found marvelous this winter break

A few things I found marvelous this winter break This winter break, I took a hiatus from writing and basked in the light of other stimulating artists, music, books and more. Here are just a few ... Austin Kleon's Show Your Work - This book is so inspiring and bite-size. If you are an artist or trying to get up the courage to be one, this book will give you a million reasons why you have every right to be doing it right now. Beyond that, he gives you another million reasons why you [more]

Winter Solstice at Chaco Canyon

Winter Solstice at Chaco Canyon This week I had the urge to go to Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico. I packed up to head down there and realized the beautiful coincidence – I would be there on winter solstice. I LOVE winter solstice not because its the shortest day of the year, but because it represents the great miracle of our planet tilting towards the sun. I am so thankful for this shift that I will spend the entire day celebrating it. Celebrating the days [more]

Noel Night – a Holiday Evening of Art

Noel Night – a Holiday Evening of Art Thanks to Michele Follis for writing this lovely post on our recent Holiday Evening of Art... One of my favorite holiday events is Noel Night in Ridgway! This year 28 businesses participated in the festivities. Noel Night is an invitation for folks to shop locally, connect with friends, watch the Christmas parade and kick off the holiday season with some fun! This year Ridgway Real Estate was lucky enough to host the works of three [more]

In the Studio Video – Painting Poppies

I've been meaning to start posting more "behind the scenes" clips from my studio for all of you interested in the process of making art. Here's a glimpse of me painting mixed media poppies with pen and ink, and collage. This work of art is a playful piece with sketching, line art, collage and acrylic paint. Watch as I put it all together for the final 40" x 20" painting. Enjoy! If you'd like to learn to paint mixed media with [more]