Hello Creative Lady

Let me guess... You are a super creative woman, with a strong creative calling...

and you want to create more amazing paintings. You want to have the confidence to believe you can be a truly great artist – To take your art to the next level, and maybe even do a show and start selling your paintings.

Being underconfident and stuck in your fears is not getting you there.

I can help.

Most online classes being taught today just can’t get you where you want to be. You learn new skills, you try new teachers, and you try to put together your artistic path, by piecing it all together yourself.

This is fine for making a few great paintings, but it’s hopeless for moving beyond imitating your teachers, and truly becoming a professional-quality painter for the rest of your life. The fact is, there’s a huge difference between learning new techniques, and transforming into a confident painter with a style of your own.

My program is different.

I teach my students cutting edge, FUN artistic projects that break you free of the fears and techniques that are holding you back… and I give you the personal support AND the mindset support to take action and create an extraordinary transformation in your art.

Welcome to my site. Take a peek around. Visit my About page, and my Clients page, and take a look at my paintings.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process I use to help my students transform their paintings from amateur, to professional-quality… even if your art has only been a hobby up until now, or you’ve never sold a painting.

Kellie Day,
Professional Mixed Media Artist

I believe in living your truest life, which means doing what your heart needs to do, and using your greatest calling for good, kind of like a super hero.

I am a little rough around the edges, and so are my paintings. I love to let the paint fly and sort out the details later. I don’t believe in being restricted on the canvas. You have to let go to see the magic.

Your history, and the weird stories you have to tell, are what make you who you are. They also inform your art.

I've been lucky enough to make art for some really fun companies ... like Trader Joe's greeting cards, The North Face t-shirts, and Alpinist Magazine. I'm also an Art Educator for Golden Paints.

When you take time to make art, it’s a gift to yourself because it’s acknowledging that what your heart wants counts.


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