3 Key Shifts to Move out of Fear & Start Living Your Dream as an Artist

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3 Key Shifts to Move out of Fear & Start Living Your Dream as an Artist

This video is taken from my Transform Your Art Facebook Group for women who want to go from Dabbling in art, to creating Professional Quality Paintings

This week in my facebook group, we did a poll on FEAR, and here’s how fear is affecting women  with their art in my group:

  1. Women are afraid they’ll spend time or money and nothing will come of it
  2. They’re afraid people won’t like what they paint.
  3. Or they’re afraid they will find out that they really aren’t a good artist at all, and this whole thing isn’t worthwhile.

For some the fear never goes away, and it holds them back their entire life. Is your fear keeping you from being an artist? If you’re living in fear, you may not be doing your art at all

  • Or if you are doing your art, you’re painting with restraint – if you’re holding yourself back, you aren’t able to open up to your greatest art.
  • And if you stay in fear, it’s a lifetime choice to live in fear instead of living in your dream, which affects your entire life.
  • So my questions for you is, do you want to get to the end of your life and say “YOU NEVER WENT FOR IT?”

THE GOOD NEWS IS, THAT IT’S POSSIBLE TO WORK THROUGH YOUR FEARS AND start living your dream as an artist.  

In this video, I’m going to give you Three KEY SHIFTS move out of fear and start living YOUR DREAM AS AN ARTIST.  Watch the video above to get the three shift. OR, if you’ve already watched this video…

… And you want to move beyond your fears, and start living your dream as an artist, NOW, I have opened up a few spots on my calendar in the next few days to speak to a few committed women.

If you are committed to your art, and ready to get the help you need to move forward, I will get on the phone and talk with you about moving into your life as an artist THIS YEAR.

Please do not book a call if you are looking for free information, this is for women who are truly committed to their art, ready to invest in themselves and do something different, and get the support they need.

It’s that’s you, I would love to talk with you. You can book a call at kelliedayart.com/booking/

Happy listening!

p.s. Read the words from my most recent grad below….

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