Overcoming Fear with Your Art, an Interview with Kellie Day & Lee Bauman

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May 10, 2019
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May 31, 2019
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Overcoming Fear with Your Art, an Interview with Kellie Day & Lee Bauman

art mentor kellie day interviews Lee Bauman

This video is taken from my Transform Your Art Facebook Group for women who want to go from Dabbling in art, to creating Professional Quality Paintings

Have you noticed how the universe lines up to give you the exact thing you need at the exact time you need it most? … and your only task is to say “Yes”?

Lee Bauman found me when she had had a difficult couple of years, and was looking to grow as an artist. Within a few months, she discovered how to incorporate her love of music into a body of work, accepted a serendipitous invitation to have a show, and made a sale.

In this interview, Lee talks about how before we worked together, she would go to the studio and feel paralyzed, or overwhelmed. She  didn’t know what was preventing her from painting. She had a lot of fears that were keeping her from living fully as a fine artist.

Lee and I worked together in my Transform Your Art mentorship program and she learned  how to work through these fears, break through what was holding her back, and finally believe in herself. Here she talks about how she learned to incorporate emotion into her art, which captivated her viewers.

“Now my art trajectory is affecting my whole life, my art is so much better, and my artisan work is selling more than ever… My husband has seen me on my journey, he has seen me taking watercolor classes, and he knows that all of helped me. But this time he could see that it was indescribable. Where I’m at now is working, it just accelerated my progress, I could never have done it by myself.”

Listen to Lee’s inspiring story of how she learned how to work through her fears, and know it was time to finally believe in her art.

“There’s no reason to say ‘No’, and there’s every reason to move forward and grow.” – Lee Bauman

Happy listening!

p.s. If you are ready to bust through your fears so you can live your life as an artist, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here, like Lee did a few months ago. You must be ready to get over any excuses and finally make your art happen. Also, you must be emotionally and financially stable, and ready to invest in your art and yourself… If that’s YOU, I’d love to talk with you!

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