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November 12, 2023

How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

I’ve been creating LOTS of new paintings and listening to what my heart wants lately more than ever. Connecting with my Art is my true guide. This means that whatever is happening in my life, good or bad, everything feels right when I’m creating. Sometimes I see women who are […]
November 5, 2023

The Power of Believing in Yourself as an Artist

Did you ever notice that when your energy and happiness are low, that it feels like nothing’s going well? It’s a common law of the universe that when you’re UP things go well, and when you’re DOWN, things feel like kinda bad. What you focus on, you draw into your […]
October 25, 2023

How Art Can Heal Your Heart

Could your heart use a little love? I’ve been noticing a lot of women in my community posting about how Art has helped them to heal after a tough period. Often times when women go through a tough time in life, they come back to the solace and healing in […]
October 19, 2023

How to Get Ideas for WHAT to Paint

Sometimes women know how to paint, but get a little flustered on WHAT to paint. Here are some ways you can get excited about what to paint… I believe that Art is life, and the first place to look when we’re short of inspiring ideas, is our life. By going […]
September 16, 2023

How to Switch from Comparing to Sharing Your Art!

I was watching a video with Hawaiian wise man Ke’oni Hanalei this week, and he was talking about how we compare ourselves to others. It was really beautiful, because as Artists this is something that can really shut us down. For example, have you ever been perusing instagram or youtube […]
September 10, 2023

Don’t Have the Motivation to Paint? Here’s how I do it

Some great artists have said that you have to “show up” whether you’re inspired or not – and that’s the only way to make art.   While part of that is true, you do have to show up, we all know the truth: You also have to be motivated and […]
July 31, 2023

How to stop Dabbling and Do Your First Art Show

Have you been dabbling in Art for decades? Do you have an Art dream you want to unearth, and share with the world? My student Mischelle had a dream to do an Art exhibit in a vineyard. She told me about her dream earlier this year, and it seemed so […]
July 6, 2023

The Essential Attitude for Art Success

If you’re ready to make your Art highly successful, this video is for you – discover the one bi🌟g thing you gotta have. There are two attitudes I see regularly when talking with Artists. One of the attitudes will make your Art dream a reality, the other will keep you […]
June 26, 2023

Don’t make this Devastating art mistake – Listening to this will change your life

I keep hearing women making this one devastating mistake with their art. Many women fill up their day with the smaller things, feeling overwhelmed with cleaning and things that are less important than their art. This steals your life energy and leaves you with no time or bandwidth to be […]
June 18, 2023

The 3 Essential Elements of Fueling Your Creativity

This week I led an Art Retreat in northern Arizona. Do you know what the biggest takeaways were for these women, along with making art? Having a CREATIVE COMMUNITY of women, and NURTURING themselves. These three things, art, community and nurture, were so powerfully fulfilling that everyone said they wanted […]
May 28, 2023

My New Art Show & What it Takes to Do Your Own

So I’ve been working on an entirely new series of paintings. You’ve probably heard about Artists who create a “body of work”, and do a solo show. Maybe you’ve done one yourself. I’ve spent a fair amount of time creating a lot of new paintings for new solo exhibit, and all the inspirations, colors […]
May 20, 2023

Peak at my NEW Art Collection, “Colorful Colorado”

I’m very excited to announce the release of a NEW Art Collection, “Colorful Colorado”! Here’s a peak at the title painting, which shares my love of this state and in particular, Ridgway Colorado where I’ve lived for the last 25 years. I think because I grew up in the midwest […]
May 7, 2023

40+ Women Share 4 Keys to their Art success

Are you longing to create your Art life? This week I spoke with a woman who was in tears because she’s been wanting to reconnect with her painting for her entire adult life.  She wasn’t supported by her parents, but instead was encouraged to take a more traditional job that […]
April 9, 2023

My Favorite Art Tools and Inspirations to get You in the Creative Flow

Hello creative soul, Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Art tools, inspirations, meditations and more that spark my creativity and get me in the flow… If you’re not in your Art flow, you’re missing out on that incredible feeling of fulfillment and joy – of seeing what you […]
March 20, 2023

How I got Started in Mixed Media Painting

Happy Spring! Are you yearning to make more Art in this energetic season?  When I first realized I wanted art to be a bigger part of my life, I was a single mother with a toddler. I saw an ad for a class in Mexico on mixed media painting that […]
November 7, 2022

When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a “Bad” Artist

Are you doubting yourself when you paint? When you’ve been trained to think something about you is a “weakness” for your whole life, it affects your belief in your painting as well. My friend Vanessa was always told she was “too much” because she’s a brilliant woman who speaks her […]
September 30, 2022

How to Become Free in Your Painting and in Your Life

Hello beautiful Artist, A lot of painters want to be more FREE with their painting. They want to get back in that FLOW where they’re just feeling JOY, and they’re not in your head. But for some reason when women try to do this, they get so frozen in their […]
September 23, 2022

From Stuck in Fear to Creating a Series of Paintings and Winning an Award

Arlene was painting with watercolors and creating some nice pieces. As she tried to learn more, she kept getting tighter and became paralyzed  with fear. She couldn’t figure out where to go next with her paintings. She knew something was really wrong. She was so stuck in needing to control […]
September 9, 2022

Open Your Heart to Your Art

Hello beautiful Artist, One of my new students recently asked, “What is a ‘Heartfelt’ Woman?”. The word is on my ads and she was curious about it. A Heartfelt woman is one who listens to her heart and wants to express it.  She knows that her heart is a direct […]
March 6, 2022

How Charla Overcame Self Doubt in her Art, and Found Her Joy

 Charla didn’t believe she had artistic ability. She grew up watching her brother and sister make art, and didn’t think she could. She was a successful business woman, but her Art was stifled and full of self-doubt. After a difficult year, Charla decided to get over her critical voices […]