How Carla Manifested Huge Art Success – and You Can Too!

Nurture your soul with creativity on winter nights
Nurture Your Soul with Creativity on Winter Nights
November 30, 2023
Make 2024 the Year of Your Art!
December 19, 2023
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How Carla Manifested Huge Art Success – and You Can Too!

How Carla Manifested Huge Art Success

Carla and I worked together a 2 years ago and she created this amazing collection of paintings and developed a very textured, colorful unique style.

She is super into painting animals and sea life from the Pacific Northwest where she lives. People love her work. She’s sold a bunch of paintings, and even won an award!

But then a year went by and lots happened in her life, and Carla had a slump in her sales. A lot times, slumps can completely stop Artists. Or make them feel like they just don’t have it anymore. But Carla didn’t buy into that.

Instead, she took a few KEY steps to recharge her Art and manifest her dream for the new year. Once she took these steps, Carla did a show and sold 12 paintings!

Hear how she manifested this incredible Art success in this video…

When Carla hit a slump with her Art, she kept painting, but sales were not happening. She was busy with her family and her life, but knew she had to do something to get her Art jumpstarted again.

In this video I share with you the steps of how she manifested huge Art success, and how you can do it too!  (HINT: It’s more than just thinking about what you want).
Carla will have continued success with her Art because she is willing to do these things. She now knows that every bit of time, energy and money that she puts into her Art will be returned.

“The braver you are the luckier you get.”

Listen to this video to find out how she did it.
Happy Holidays!
PS. If you’re ready for 2024 to be the year you are a practicing, joyful painter, I can help. You can Book an Art Breakthrough Call with me, and I will walk you through these steps of manifesting your Art dream. Please don’t book a call with me if you are just looking for free information. These calls are only for women who are ready to invest in themselves and take action now to make their Art dreams come true. If that’s you, I’d love to talk with you. Book your call with me now.
How Carla Manifested Huge Art Success
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