How to Switch from Comparing to Sharing Your Art!

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Don’t Have the Motivation to Paint? Here’s how I do it
September 10, 2023
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How to Switch from Comparing to Sharing Your Art!

How to Switch from Comparing to Sharing Your Art!

I was watching a video with Hawaiian wise man Ke’oni Hanalei this week, and he was talking about how we compare ourselves to others. It was really beautiful, because as Artists this is something that can really shut us down.

For example, have you ever been perusing instagram or youtube and see other Artists, and start comparing yourself, and feeling less than? It can give Artists that yucky feeling inside. It can even make us feel like giving up!

Here are his words of wisdom for how to switch OUT of comparing, to a more beautiful place inside…

Watch the video here:

He talked about how when you feel like comparing yourself to others, you can actually switch from COMPARING to “CONTRIBUTING”. Ask yourself, what can I contribute to the world with my Art?

For Artists, this is all about sharing our soul and our creativity. Remember the last time you made something, like a card or painting, and gave it to someone? How good did that feel?

I always feel AHHMAZING when I make a painting. And when I’m creating something FOR someone else – when I’m sharing my Art and contributing – I feel even more amazing.

So next time you catch yourself comparing, don’t feel bad – switch to sharing instead. Contribute your Art to the world and make it a more beautiful place.

I’ll put a few of my quickie classes and free painting tutorials down below, and you can go make something today. SCROLL DOWN FOR LINKS …



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