6 Game-Changing Practices to Be an Amazing Artist this Year

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Telluride Colorado Gallery Guide Cover
December 31, 2023
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Colorado Mixed Media Painting Retreat This June 2024!
January 23, 2024
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6 Game-Changing Practices to Be an Amazing Artist this Year


You deserve to create your most amazing Art this year and really feel like a recognized and loved Artist.💖

And I love supporting creative women like you.

Which is why I created this coaching video to give you the 6 GAME CHANGING practices I teach my students, to create BIG success with your Art this year. Using these helped me gain corporate and national recognition with my Art PLUS create a 6-figure Art business.

Watch the video below to get the practices …

You’ll get the 6 important practices that have helped my mentoring students to create incredible success with their Art, get rid of their excuses, and live their dreamy Art lives.

When you follow the steps, it works.

🖼 Cecelia landed her dream gallery.
🌈 Denise created an Art business she loves.
💰 Jean sold 17 paintings her first year.

Do you WANT to succeed with your Art this year?

If you want to be an amazing, professional-quality Artist, and you can answer yes to that question, then read on, and I’ll give you the 6 most important practices to be an amazing Artist and even create a successful Art business this year…

Watch the video above to get the practices so you can create your 2024 Art Life. 

With love and creativity,

PS. If you have an Art friend who could benefit from this, please feel free to share!

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