Telluride Colorado Gallery Guide Cover

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December 19, 2023
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Telluride Colorado Gallery Guide Cover

Telluride Gallery Guide Cover with Kellie Day art
Ridgway artist Kellie Day art on the NEW Telluride, Colorado Gallery Guide.  Day currently has art hanging in Citizen’s State Bank and Wilkinson Public Library, curated by the Telluride Arts Organization. A solo show is scheduled for June, 2024 at the Telluride Arts Headquarters. Opening to be announced.
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“For me, Art is the highest calling – a language that speaks to all, and a conversation with the universe. I create paintings that connect nature with the soul.”

Kellie Day’s untamed spirit and connection with nature is reflected in the freedom of her Colorado mixed media paintings. With a background of Forest Fire Fighting, Surveying in Alaska with a chainsaw and grizzly bear rifle at her side, and mountain climbing around the world, she is passionate about sharing the freedom and energy of the wildness of Colorado with her viewers.


Often beginning with spray paint, or wild lines created with a paint syringe, Kellie captures the energy of the local mountains, animals and forests through collage and acrylic on large canvases. With pieces of Sufi poetry, old romance novels, handmade stamps and more, she elaborates on powerful scenes and brings them to life with textures and vibrant color palettes. Her paintings are always a treasure hunt, filled with unexpected elements.


Kellie’s artwork has been used by corporations such as Trader Joe’s, The North Face, Alpinist Magazine and Alpine Bank. She has been an Influencer for and is an Art Educator for Golden Paints.


Her work has been shown through Telluride Arts Organization, and in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Colorado. Her work can be found in the permanent collections of corporate healthcare facilities, and around the world in private collections.

“Once I discovered mixed media painting I was on fire and couldn’t stop creating. The medium felt wildly alive to me. The ability to combine anything that inspired me into my works is incredibly exciting.”


Day’s upcoming solo show is schedule for June of 2024 at the Telluride Arts Headquarters. More information to come! 

To learn about Kellie’s Art Mentoring click here

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