How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

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How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

How to carve out moments for your artistic soul

I’ve been creating LOTS of new paintings and listening to what my heart wants lately more than ever. Connecting with my Art is my true guide. This means that whatever is happening in my life, good or bad, everything feels right when I’m creating.

Sometimes I see women who are trying to do SO much and are so exhausted they don’t have time for themselves, let alone their Art. Here are some real life examples:

– A woman who is working full time and taking up the slack of a colleague who quit to pursue THEIR dreams. She’s a wonderful person, and very giving, but is neglecting herself for others.
– A woman who is caretaking her father and traveling for hours to see him each week, PLUS trying to work and teach.
– A woman who is raising three children, AND running her own graphic design business while her husband also works full time.

Guess which of these 3 women is finding time to make their Art?

ALL of them! (surprise!)

But wait, how do women find time to make Art they love when they are exhausted? Here are 5 key ingredients to jumpstart YOUR Art, even if you’re tired:

1. They get accountability when they realize it’s not happening on their own. They know they need Inspiration and Motivation.
2. They get the skills and strategies of successful people who’ve gone before them.
3. They develop a supportive network of women who are positive and have faced the same things.

4. They choose to value themselves, and know they will be more supportive to others if their own hearts are full.

Most of all, these women could see the writing on the wall of where their mental and physical health would be in 1, 2 or 5 more years if they didn’t start incorporating their own love of Art into their lives.

It’s a noble thing to put everyone else first, however there is a tipping point where women become empty, and don’t have as to give. When this happens, their work and relationships can also suffer.

We must fill our own hearts in order to live fully, and when we do, our cups run over and fill everyone around us. Which makes ALL of our relationships better.

“We must love do what we love or we run the risk of doing nothing at all.”
– Curly girl designs

If you are neglecting yourself, and tuning out your creative calling, it all starts with a decision today to know you are worth it. You have so much to share with this world. Don’t let life pass you by without seeing what’s inside of you.
With love and creativity,

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