Welcome to the Pedal to Petal class landing page!

Before beginning, please be sure you’ve read “Before Class Starts

Below are your 12 lessons. I recommend you do one a day, at your own pace. Please do these lessons in order, to get the most out of the class. Have fun and happy creating!

DAY 1: Finding Your Muse

DAY 2: Art Journal Day

DAY 3: Paper Treasure Hunt

DAY 4: Collage Day

DAY 5: Playing with Paint

DAY 6: Finding Your Unique Voice

DAY 7: Road Map to Your Composition

DAY 8: Painting on a Small Canvas

DAY 9: What To Do When You Don't Know What to Do

DAY 10: Painting Day – Delving in Deeper

DAY 11: Finishing Touches

DAY 12: Moving Into Your Creative Life