This class is now closed. If you would like to work with me to take your art to the next level, please watch my master class here to learn more. This Master Class, “The 5 Steps Creative Women are Using to go from Dabbling, to Consistently and Confidently Producing Professional Quality Paintings that can Sell,” is a FREE class with more information about how you can advance your art AND find a mentorship directly with me.

“I enjoyed your class immensely and rate it a 10. I watched the videos over and over which made me brave enough to start my own projects.”  – Marian

mixed media poppies by kellie day

POP, mixed media on canvas by Kellie Day


“My painting, using techniques learned from you this summer, won an award at the Escalante Canyons Art Festival. Thank you. Your workshop has changed my life!!!” – Rae Ellen

Fuzzy bird, mixed media © Kellie Day

Fuzzy, mixed media © Kellie Day

If you’re feeling a calling to let loose your creative self, the greatest thing you can do in your life is answer that. What follows is everything …

I look forward to guiding you on this lovely field trip to inspiration!

Watch my master class here.