What is it that lights you up in life?

Is it waking up in a fancy hotel and getting away from it all? Or having a latte with a good friend in a chic cafe? Is it biking or climbing a mountain and pushing yourself physically? Or taking the day off and strolling through a quiet art museum, where no one knows where you are?

Whatever your inspiration may be, this class is about lighting your creative fire, finding your inspiration, and actively expressing your creativity through fun collage and painting techniques that you’ll learn through 12 uplifting lessons.

Did you put your creative self on hold for career or family? Is your creative self calling to be let loose? Do you want art to be a bigger part of your life?

This painting e-course will help you express your creative self more fully. You’ll have everything you need to create professional mixed media paintings in a relaxed, joyful process.

Living fully includes expressing your creative self. You have something to share with this world, and this course will help you express this.

Pedal to Petal is a mixed media online painting class that builds upon itself. You can login from any computer, at any time, to access 12 lessons. You can do each of these lessons at your own pace, the class is NOT live. Each class is filled with a written lesson, photos, quotes, resources and most lessons have videos showing you my techniques. I’ll share with you exercises for tapping into your muse, and finding your unique voice as an artist.

Best of all, you’ll have unlimited access to this class.

How would it feel to …

Paint your canvas with confidence? Be inspired as go through your day? Feel like you are really using your creativity? 

This 12-day online art class is designed to spark your inspiration and teach you mixed media on canvas in a joyful, playful style.

Lucky Bike, mixed media on canvas, 10" x 10", ©Kellie Day

Lucky Bike, mixed media on canvas, ©Kellie Day

You’ll learn how to …

  • Discover inspiration in your everyday life
  • Loosen up and collect ideas in your personal art journal
  • Dig up the best collage materials for cheap
  • Develop and strengthen your unique artist’s voice
  • Decide which supplies to use and how to use them for mixed media painting
  • Paint in a playful, relaxed manner
  • Create a mixed media painting from start to finish
  • Add finishing touches that will make your painting professional
  • Quiet your creative fears so you can make art with confidence
  • Turn mistakes into the best part of your painting
  • Integrate art into your everyday life, and keep it alive
  • Plant seeds for living your life as an artist

“I enjoyed your class immensely and rate it a 10. I watched the videos over and over which made me brave enough to start my own projects.”  – Marian

mixed media poppies by kellie day

POP, mixed media on canvas by Kellie Day

You’ll explore how to put together enticing collage and painting techniques, while developing your own unique voice as an artist.

You’ll learn inspiring ways to develop a road map for your painting before you begin. With your road map created, you’ll dive into acrylic painting and collage. You’ll learn ways to play with paint on top of your collaged canvas. These exercises will help you learn to develop your painting, while staying loose during the process. I’ll show you how to paint what YOU love in a playful, colorful way that comes from your heart.

All of this is about FUN and discovering your own unique voice as an artist.


IMPORTANT – You do not need to have experience painting or drawing to explore this process. These lessons provide all the information you need to know to get started. However, they also offer mixed media techniques and concepts which incorporate more advanced painters as well.

“My painting, using techniques learned from you this summer, won an award at the Escalante Canyons Art Festival. Thank you. Your workshop has changed my life!!!” – Rae Ellen

Fuzzy bird, mixed media © Kellie Day

Fuzzy, mixed media © Kellie Day

Here’s what you’ll learn …

Lesson 1: Finding Your Muse – Taking time for yourself, noticing beauty around you, discovering what inspires you, being aware of what you’re motivated to paint.

Lesson 2: Art Journal Day – The fun of journaling: doodling, sketching or watercoloring simple little things you like. Video tutorial

Lesson 3: Paper Treasure Hunt – Going on a treasure hunt for collage materials, discovering resources, where to collect fun papers for your paintings. Video tutorial

Lesson 4: Collage Day – Becoming familiar with the materials you’ll need to collage on canvas. Collage your first canvas. Collage concepts. Video

Lesson 5: Playing with Paint – Introducing paint materials, playing, learning and experimenting with paint on your collage background, skills for how to integrate paint with your collage and subject matter. Video

Lesson 6: Finding Your Unique Artist Voice – Discovering your uniqueness and what you have to offer creatively in this lifetime: tools for finding your voice as a creative being.

Lesson 7: Road Map to Your Composition – Planning your composition from the things you love so you can paint freely. Getting familiar with your subject matter and how to get it on canvas. Drawing vs. not drawing. Tools and resources for both. Video

Lesson 8: Painting on a Small Canvas – Create a playful mixed media painting from start to finish on a small canvas. Video

Lesson 9: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do – Allowing mistakes: tools for working with areas or paintings you don’t like. How to keep going. Understanding loss is a step to success. Video

Lesson 10: Delving in Deeper with Paint – How to create a painting you Love. Videos and techniques for developing your paintings further. Tips, inspirations and guidance.

Lesson 11: Finishing Touches – How to pull your painting together with super fun finishing touches. How to know when you’re done. How to finish a professional quality painting. Video

Lesson 12: Moving Into Your Creative Life – How to keep art alive in your busy life, stay inspired and live your greatest self.

You will have unlimited access to these lessons with PDF downloads. 


This class is now closed. If you would like to work with me to take your art to the next level, please watch my master class here to learn more. This Master Class, “The 5 Steps Creative Women are Using to go from Dabbling, to Consistently and Confidently Producing Professional Quality Paintings that can Sell,” is a FREE class with more information about how you can advance your art AND find a mentorship directly with me. Click here to watch it now.

I look forward to guiding you on this lovely field trip to inspiration!

It’s a challenge to integrate art into a busy life – to live your full, meaningful life, doing what you are meant to do in this lifetime – while working a career, raising children or caretaking for others.

I’ve spent my entire adult life living creatively, but it was only when I started doing art for myself that I finally tapped into real and pervading joy and meaning.

More and more women tell me they feel the call to create, but are not sure where to start. In working with me, I share with you my experience on how to embark on making art, and expressing yourself creatively and uniquely. And in the process, living a more joyful, inspiring and meaningful life.

If you’re feeling a calling to let loose your creative self, the greatest thing you can do in your life is answer that. What follows is everything …