When everyone else’s Art feels better than yours

painting flowers with mixed media by kellie day
Painting Flowers with Mixed Media
July 19, 2020
the secret to finally painting again
The Secret to Finally Painting Again
July 31, 2020
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When everyone else’s Art feels better than yours

When everyone else's Art feels better than yours

There are moments in our Art where we feel shut down, and comparing ourselves to others is one of them.

I believe were all came here with something that we’re meant to share here on this Earth. If you’re a Creative, you can see beauty and are meant to express it.

But if you let these moments of feeling everyone else is better shut you down, you’ll never be able to fully express those gives you were meant to share.

Join me in this video to talk about why you HAVE to keep going with your Art if you’re a “creator”, and why you have something special that needs to shine.

Happy painting!


Kellie Day mixed media artist

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