art and trauma- how art heals your spirit
Art and Trauma – How Art Heals Your Spirit
August 29, 2020
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September 9, 2020
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Do You Feel Guilty Making Art?

do you feel guilty when you make art?

do you feel guilty when you make art?

We are culturally conditioned to feel guilty when we take time to make Art.

I spoke with a delightful woman this week who knew she was born to be creative. Just like some people know they were born to be a doctor or a teacher, she always knew her Art was a part of her.

She told me she was ready to make her painting a bigger part of her life.

She had taken it as far as she could on her own, painting fun portraits, but she knew there was more in her. And she had a deep calling to help others through her Art.

She was all set to take the leap and work with an Art Mentor when guess what happened? … She talked herself out of it because she felt GUILTY.

Why would we feel guilty about answering our life’s purpose?

Especially when it involves creating beauty and serving others?

A doctor would not feel guilty studying medicine, he or she would be driven.

Nor would an engineer, graphic designer or teacher. So what’s the difference?

We have been taught that our Art is a hobby. A frivolity.

We have been taught this from our culture, or parents, or our loved ones. … And from this conditioning we start to believe that our Art keeps us from the more important things we need to do like cleaning toilets. (No joke – women often feel more justified cleaning their houses than making Art).

Women often feel they can’t spend money and time on Art – it takes away time from their husbands or jobs. Even thought husbands are taking time for golf, fishing, their wood shop, and the things they enjoy.

Being born with a creative calling is NOT a frivolity.

It is not only your right to make Art, it is your responsibility.

“When we neglect our heartfelt calling, we deny the world of our Gifts.”

We deny ourselves of our greatest personal purpose, we live less-happy lives, and this affects everyone around us.

When we choose to NOT feel guilty, however, we open the door to a more beautiful, rewarding happy life. In this life we shine and light up everyone around us, because we have a deep knowing that this is who we are, which gives us a sense of CALM, JOY, PURPOSE and DELIGHT in our painting.

It is only from this position that we can truly serve the world and those around us from our most enlightened selves. And this only happens for women who stop thinking about their Art, and take action and start now.

If you want to open up new doors in YOUR art, and step into your life as a purposeful Artist, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with us at

We offer these calls to women who are ready to take their Art to the next level now, and get the support they need to start living their lives joyfully as Artists. If that’s you, we’d love to talk with you! (Please don’t book a call with us if you are looking for free information. These calls are just for women who are ready to commit to living their lives as Artists now.)

If that’s you, we’d love to talk with you!
Kellie Day mixed media artist

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