Finding Your Style as an Artist

When You’re Afraid to Ruin Your Painting
May 29, 2020
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610 Art Gallery June Exhibit: Kellie Day “Creatures” 
June 9, 2020
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Finding Your Style as an Artist


You want your own style – and you want people to see a twist of YOU in your art.

Maybe your art looks like your teacher’s, or your favorite artist’s… OR your art is a copy of paintings you like, and you don’t know how to put YOU in your paintings. This is what it’s all about, this making art path – it’s about putting a twist of YOU in your art! Watch this video learn about what that means. It’s probably not what you think!

If you don’t learn to honor your unique expression in your art, your art will always be a second rate version of someone else.

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else.” – Judy Garland

Your paintings will never be recognized as YOURS …and they won’t stand out among all the competition out there.

If they don’t have a unique bold twist that is YOU, people won’t be as interested in buying them.

People want YOU. It’s not technical skill that moves your viewers emotionally It’s that you moved them because they can relate to something you expressed that touched their humanity.

And trust me, that’s not about getting the perspective right.

A lot of people believe they should be able to find their style just like that. But that’s not true. Finding your style takes patience, and it takes making a lot of paintings.

A lot of women also never even try because they think they don’t have anything to offer that hasn’t been done already (spoiler alert – you do!)

In this video I talk about how true art is simply an authentic expression of yourself.

It’s about owning who you are. Not waiting for yourself to turn into someone you’ve seen in a gallery.

I’ll talk about how You are a filter through which all your life experiences flow, which are completely different from anyone else’s. And how as an artist, you get to honor that.

**It’s not about making good or bad art** It’s about making art that expresses who YOU are.

Enjoy the video!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

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