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April 17, 2016
Eternal Tulips, 36" x 48", mixed media on canvas ©Kellie Day
Art is Life – and how the creative process makes you face it
January 14, 2018
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How I got Started in Mixed Media Painting

kellie day painting in her art journal on the beach in mexico
kellie day painting in her art journal on the beach in mexico

Art journaling on the beach in Mexico


When I first realized I wanted art to be a bigger part of my life, I was a single mother with a three year old child. I saw an ad for a class in Mexico on mixed media painting that would cost me, with airfare, almost exactly what I had in my savings.

It was a not a logical decision, it was a heart decision. I bought the ticket, and it started my entire art career.

I flew to a little village along the ocean, and spent a week learning. When I came home, my journey had begun as an artist. Through many classes, years of painting, teaching art along with running a graphic design studio, and working with many beautiful artists along the way, I have created a life as an artist.

When I first started painting mixed media, I had a lot of questions – how to combine the materials, how to work my way through the process, how to approach a subject and paint it or draw it from my own voice, and mostly (as a single mom), how to find time to be an artist.

I wasn’t sure how to start a painting. Where do the ideas come from? And what are the little things I can do to keep my art practice going when I don’t have time to make an entire painting? And of course, I wanted to make beautiful art.

kellie day painting in mexico

Mixed media painting workshop in Mexico

“Beautiful art is not about making a pretty painting with a perfect shape. It’s about finding your voice and being bold about it.”

Recently I’ve asked students what you would like to know about art, or the mixed media process. Thanks to everyone who responded with your questions!

What I found is that many of you are interested in learning techniques, getting your creative juices flowing, and step by step instruction for hands-on projects. Also, what supplies are great to keep on hand.

Others wanted to how to start a painting – sometimes a blank canvas can be so intimidating! Where do the ideas come from? How to begin? How do you shut down that voice in your head that keeps telling you that you aren’t good enough?

Some wanted to know how to deal with moving beyond the background of a painting, into creating layers of acrylic paint. How to not feel stuck here… how to find your way through the process to the light at the end of the tunnel, where you make a beautiful piece of art.

Many people want to know how to loosen up their painting style, how to find their niche, and to discover more about who they are as a painter.

All of these are important questions.

How do you hear your inner voice when making art? How do you take a painting from good to wow? … And what are the polishes you can put on your art when it needs a little something to finish it?

All of these questions are the foundation for my upcoming Art Life E-course, where I’ll share all of this with you. You’ll make a series of lovely mixed media projects, while learning new techniques.

If you want to make more art, stay tuned because in the next week or two I’ll post a quick preview video with many of the images from the e-course, so you can see more of what it’s all about. And don’t forget, if you bring a friend, you’ll get 50% off!

Click here to learn more about the class. And when you’re done reading, please scroll down and let me know what your biggest question is, or your art goal for 2018.

Most of all, thanks to all of your who responded that you love my art and my positive energy – that means so much, and I will strive to continue to spread sweet art vibes your way… That’s my New Year’s promise.

Happy painting!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

Art Life E-Course begins February. Stay tuned to SIGN UP soon, or click here to email me your questions.

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