How to Ignite Your Painting during Home-bound Times

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How to Ignite Your Painting during Home-bound Times

In this video I go over how to get going with your painting during these home bound times, AND give you the resources to make it happen.

I’m talking with a LOT of women who are at home realizing NOW is the time to paint.

They awakening to the fact that they don’t want to come out of this time at home having wasted it.

Normally their lives are so full, and they keep putting off their art for years. But now their lives are slower, they have more time…. And they tell me, “If not NOW, when will I ever do my Art?”

Here’s the thing – everyone has their challenges, but I want to share with you the traits of the women that are actually igniting their painting again…. The difference between the women who will make art in these home-boudn times, and the ones who will go on saying “if”and“when”, and then feeling bad they’ve never answered their calling.

So here are the traits of the women I work with who have started to live their lives as artists this year:

  1. THEY START – They don’t wait until the timing is right – because it never is. They just start because they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives just thinking about their art. That feels like crap.
    1. If you’re a creative and you’re not creating, chances are your life is very out of balance right now. Ask yourself, how much longer you want to keep stuffing down your creative desire? (And how’s that going when you’ve come out of this Covid period and not have used it to ignite your painting?)
  2. They find a way no matter what. If time is tight, they find the time. They get up a little earlier, watch a little less TV.
    1. If money is tight, they are willing to invest in themselves because they believe in themselves, and they know they are worth it – that they deserve a rich, joy-filled, purposeful life.
    2. If space is tight, like my student Geralyn, they put a table in the corner of their bedroom and paint. They are committed to their art and they’ll find a way no matter what.
  3. They are coachable – They realize they need help getting going with their Art and they can’t do it alone. IF they could have by now they would have, yet years have gone by and they are still THINKING about their paintings.
    1. So they seek out Resources to get them going. (Stick around I’m going to give you Resources at the end of this video)
  4. They want to live their best lives – Their most magical, creative, rewarding lives and feel the excitement of getting up to paint every day, the incredible reward of having people feel MOVED by their Art.

So if this is YOU, and you are LONGING to get your painting going  NOW and coming out of the Covid period as an Artist (not a person who thinks about being an artist), then here are some Resources for you:

  • On my website at I’ve put up free Art Tutorials and fun free mini-classes to teach you mixed media painting projects
  • On my youtube channel I’ve put some inspirational painting videos to light your fire and get you excited to paint. (By the way, this is the foundation of being an artist)
  • In my free Facebook page (click here to join you aren’t already a member) there is a Community of creative, loving and supportive Artists who are all sharing their art and supporting each other. You can join them for an Arts community! (Because all Artists need support and a positive creative community).
  • AND, if you’ve tried all of this, and you’re ready to take your Painting to the next level and create art with your own voice and ideas (instead of copying), you can book a call with me and my team at
    • We’ll get on the phone and figure out where you are stuck, and what you need to move forward. And we’ll help you get a plan for doing this.

Please note: these calls are not for everyone. You must be ready to take your painting to the next level NOW and do the work that it takes, and invest in yourself. **Please do not book a call with us if you are looking for free information.

And if that’s you, you can be like my student Linda who just sold two paintings! Or Ruth, who is teaching online, or the other Linda who has two commissions, or Melissa and Pamela who are making gorgeous paintings regularly, or Caryn who has taken her gorgeous figure paintings to the next level by discovery her own voice in her art, or Sherry who is discovering her strong portrait style that people love, or Jean who has sold FIFTEEN paintings on her Facebook page in the last month… I could keep going, but that’s enough for now!

Love and light to all of you… and Happy Painting!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

ps. Scroll down to see words from my latest Graduates…





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