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Is working with me worth it?

Have you ever wondered if working with me will actually help your Art? Maybe you want to do it but are scared or worried that it won't get you the results you want and then you'd have wasted your money? Well, the following are posts that happened in my Facebook group,and emails that have been sent to me ... women post these almost daily – so much so that I am often overwhelmed by how many there are!

So now that you know that working with me is absolutely worth it... you can book your Art Breakthrough Call below!


Our Art Success Stories

From Fear and Rejection to Confidently Painting and Selling

Caroline had been painting her floral pieces for five years, and had some success selling at local art shows. But she couldn’t stop struggling with her fear of rejection. It was holding her back in her art. Within just six weeks, Caroline worked through her blocks and began to see her failures as a way to progress. She became more confident about herself – not just as an artist, but in all aspects of her life, and now feels confidence to paint more expressively with her own voice. She has three upcoming shows!

How Andrea Broke Through Being Stuck to Create a Meaningful Series and Start Selling

Andrea always wanted to develop her artistic side. She was doing the same thing over and over, and not going anywhere with her Art. She felt really stuck. She had a wonderful husband, a great job and house, but Art was the one thing that was missing in her life.She realized she needed to make a change, that Art was a passion for her that brought her a lot of joy, and she didn’t want to wait any longer. In just a few months, Andrea went from trying to figure her Art on her own, putting everything else first, and being in perfectionism, to having the faith to express her true voice in her Art, create a vibrant series of paintings, and start selling and planning a show.

Waiting her Whole Life to Unlock her Inner Artist – Nathalie's Stunning Journey to Professional, Passionate Painting

Within six weeks, Nathalie went from making slow progress with her Art to selling six paintings! Her paintings have gone from good to great, and she's found how to express her voice in her Art. Listen to her heartfelt journey in this interview.

How Lee Moved Past a Tough Period in Life and Combined her Passions into a Show

ee Bauman found me when she had had a difficult couple of years, and was looking to grow as an artist. Listen to her inspiring story of how she learned how to work through her fears, and believe it was time to finally believe in her art. Within a few months, she discovered how to incorporate her love of music into a body of work, and accepted a serendipitous invitation to have a show.

So now that you know that working with me is absolutely worth it... you can book your complimentary Art Breakthrough Call below!