Summer Drizzle, abstract healing art – Diptych

Cimarron alpenglow in Ridgway Colorado by Kellie Day
Cimarron Mountains, Ridgway Colorado
September 29, 2019
Ode to Joy, mixed media peony painting
June 19, 2019

Summer Drizzle, abstract healing art – Diptych

This painting is a five foot abstract painting diptych with healing art colors. To stand in front of it feels cool and soothing. With just a touch of spray paint, up close you'll see spectacular drips, cool blue colors, and a hint of leaves. It almost feels like you are standing by water. The painting is true healing art. This soothing painting is a diptych - two canvases, each is 30" x 30". You may purchase both together or separately.


Available, $3,600 together or $1800 each


60" x 30" diptych, or 30" x 30" each

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