Duck Duck GOOSE, a Canadian Goose Painting

Red-wing Blackbirds in the Cattails, painting by Kellie Day
Red-Wing Blackbird painting
May 7, 2023
Sandhill cranes painting by Kellie Day
Sandhill Cranes painting
April 9, 2023

Duck duck GOOSE!

This painting started off as a flower pot, and I liked it but didn’t love it. Then on my morning walk, I saw this goose so still on the pond. It was stunning. I decided to transform the whole thing and now I love it. Thanks to my wonderful son for suggesting the Blue water.💙

Watch a video on how I create this on my instagram feed.

I used thickly textured acrylic paintings and so many fun collage papers to create the foilage behind him, and in his feathers. There are luscious gold lines and wonderful brush strokes in the cool water.

This painting was created with professional grade Acrylic paints and has professional quality lightfastness. It is wired and ready to hang - no frame needed.


Available, $570


20" x 20"

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Watch a video of this painting being created here: