Char’s Canned Goods, mixed media painting

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Char's Canned Goods

This canned goods painting started while camping with my friend Char, and discussing how she grew up on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest, and her family relied on canning for the winter. She talked about how they would can up to 800 jars of peaches, cherries, jalapenos, beans, pickles and everything in between. I also have memories of going into the cellar with my Grandma to get the jelly jar. Maybe you do too?

This painting was created using handmade papers to create the produce, with Silver Metallic paints for the lids, and illustrative lines to add patterns and words. I also stamped the names of the foods by hand. 

This painting is a tribute to years gone by, where memories of canning bring us back home again. 


Available, $1200


36" x 12"

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