mixed media songbirds painting by kellie day
Songbirds for Spring
March 25, 2024
Desert paint horses by Kellie Day
Desert Paint Horses
December 9, 2023

Summer Garden Vase

It's the middle of winter and my eyes were craving color! So I dipped into my greens and painted green galore! I had watched "Woman in Gold" the night before, and I had the painter Klimt in mind, so I added some bits of gold. This painting was an exploration of layering on papers, and combining those layers with thick painted petals, then drawing lines into the wet paint. This painting went through many many layers or color until it finally landed here. Scroll down to see a quick video of me working on it ...

This vase of green flowers feel like a lush garden when you stand in front of it. The coral vase is like a breath of fresh air... This will add soothing, healing art to any home.




30" x 24"

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