Tea with Granny, mixed media tea cups

Tea with Granny, mixed media tea cups, 18" x 18", ©Kellie Day, available

Tea with Granny

Antique pink has really been on my mind lately because I found an old asian flyer for a lantern – you can see it at the top middle of this artwork. And so I mixed up a similar antique pink and a buttery white, and got lost in the lusciousness of these creamy, acrylic paints.

I call this “window painting”, when you paint around an object, thus creating a “window” to look into, of what was below on the canvas. In this painting, you can see the patterns I collaged on the canvas below.

In the end, I put a gloss coating on the China, and a matte coating on the background, so the effect is really marvelous in person. Wish you could see it up close!


Available, $486


18" x 18"

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