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Allow Yourself to Play When You Make Art

Allow Yourself to Play

If you don’t allow yourself to play, you’ll never sustain your Art. It has to be fun. In this video learn my tips on how to make WAY more Art through getting in touch with your playful spirit…

I was just talking with one of my students who was having a hard time letting herself Play. Lots of women think they need to do the “more important” things first, like check their email or take care of their household.

For some women, having resistance to play is about feeling like “everything is under control”. Not wanting to get out of what is familiar because it feels “unsafe”.

What happens when people don’t allow themselves to play is…

  1. They rarely make Art, and if they do, it’s hard to keep going.
  2. They are way more serious when they do paint, and can be afraid to ruin things
  3. They don’t allow themselves to really DELIGHT in their Art
  4. They never let their full Art ability come out.

Sometimes it’s hard to make these decisions. Should you take care of business, or allow yourself to make Art? Art, society teaches us, is not as important.

You can make those decisions is by asking yourself, “Where do I want to be when it’s all over?”

Do you want to have filled your life by checking emails and social media? Or keeping everything organized in your life, but not really doing the things that fill your heart? 

Or do you want to be open, and feel more sheer delight in your life? My student said since making her Art a priority she is feeling more open. She is getting in the free, joyful flow of her Art again, and her horseback riding – which she hasn’t done for a couple of years.

We so often neglect the things that fill our heart BECAUSE we fill our days with the LITTLE THINGS instead of the MEANINGFUL THINGS.

So check yourself – where do you want to be when it’s all over?

Watch this video for my personal formula on how to paint more by getting connected with your playful spirit.

Kellie Day mixed media artist

PS. If you’re ready to connect with your playful side, and take your Art to the next level, but it’s taking too much time to figure it out on your own – I can help…

You can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here. I’ll help you find out where you’re stuck, and what you need to move forward. And if I can help you get there, I’ll show you what that looks like.  

Please do not book a call with me if you’re just looking for free information. You must be ready to live your highest, most creative and playful life now, and get the support you need. If that’s you, I’d love to talk with you here:

pss. Scroll down to see the latest words from my students…

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