How Charla Overcame Self Doubt in her Art, and Found Her Joy

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February 22, 2022
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How to Fit Art into a Busy Corporate Life
March 13, 2022
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How Charla Overcame Self Doubt in her Art, and Found Her Joy

Overcoming self doubt in art

Charla didn’t believe she had artistic ability. She grew up watching her brother and sister make art, and didn’t think she could. She was a successful business woman, but her Art was stifled and full of self-doubt.

After a difficult year, Charla decided to get over her critical voices and see what she could really do with her creative calling. Within a few months Charla created a series of expressive animal paintings – and learned to paint freely and happily for the first time in her life. She has been asked to sell her paintings for as much as $1700 and she’s just getting started!

Watch the video above to learn how Charla overcame her self doubt, created a series of colorful animals paintings, and started attracting buyers within a few months.

“My Art was a part of me, but was always thrown in the background. It became very important to access what was calling out from my heart inside of me.”

Charla came from a family of Artists. Growing up she would compare herself to her creative family members and always felt her art wasn’t as good.

Last year she had a tragic year that tested her beyond anything before. She came through that year knowing she wanted to do Art.

She began to whack paint on the canvas and trying to create paintings on her own, and with a friend. But the voices inside her head were too loud.

“You can’t do this.”

“You’re not an Artist!”

She tried to take watercolor classes, but it was too contained-in-the-lines for her. She thought “real art” was making realistic portraits where the shine in the eye was just right. 

“I felt constrained in what I was learning. ..I knew I had it in me, but I didn’t know how to access it.

Finally Charla decided she was going to GO FOR IT. She realized Art was her self-care. She found me and jumped in and began to make paintings with my guidance.

“I decided I owe it to myself to do it. Instead of putting it on a shelf and waiting ’til later, you know I’m 60, and later is now. If it’s in there – don’t wait”

Now she’s made a room full of Art, and has offers to buy her paintings for large sums. She’s finally feeling happier in life and finding joy in her Art.

“My Art has been a huge missing piece that is being let out.”

Listen to the video to find out how she did it!

Happy Listening!

Kellie Day mixed media artist
PS. If you’re ready to listen to your heart, and ignite your Art, I can help. You can book an Art Breakthrough call with me here like Charla did. Please note: these calls are only for women who are ready to invest in themselves and take their Art to the next level now.

“Now I have my Art around, and there’s so much expression.. it inspires me. I thought when I started the process that it was about selling the Art, but what I found is that it was fulfilling a missing piece of me. … What it does is bring me joy.”

“You owe it to yourself. We only live one time. You short-change yourself if you don’t. There is nothing better than what Kellie does.”

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