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How to Fit Art into a Busy Corporate Life

How to Fit Your Art into a Busy Corporate Life

If you are a creative woman and your days are filled with a busy profession like tech or health care or mortgage industry, it can be hard to fit your Art in. 

If you’re a corporate woman and it’s hard to fit ART in after a busy day – here’s what it takes to actually grow your painting to a thriving practice.


The corporate women I work with are exhausted at the end of their days. They are depleted and often having issues with their bodies. It’s hard for them to feel inspired to paint because of this.

Their lives are good in other ways, but without their art there is deep personal satisfaction missing.

They know that painting makes them happy but they have no idea how to fit it in – and if they are fitting it in, they don’t know how to grow their Art into a thriving practice to look forward to after retirement, or add extra income.

For all of them, they have taken their art as far as they can go on their own.

This is what happened to Lisa and Chrystene and Teri – just to name a few. They were all highly successful women in medical, tech and finance industries, but their Art was missing.

They didn’t know how to unlock the amazing paintings that were inside of them, and truly do something great with their art ability … Or how to develop a style.

Because they were high-achieving, successful women in other areas of their life, they wanted this with their painting as well.

Most of all, they knew their lives were out of balance and they couldn’t keep going another year like this, feeling out of whack and constantly quieting their creative voice.

They tried classes, workshops, paint nights with friends, some of them even tried mentors that taught them how to paint like them. But this does not unlock their greatest art.

What it took to unlock their art and start creating emotionally moving and captivating paintings for these gals was a true WHOLISTIC APPROACH.

– Learning technique alone didn’t cut it.
– Learning to paint just like their teacher didn’t cut it.
– Trying to go it alone or with their friends didn’t cut it.

The way these women unlocked the art that was inside of them was with a FULL WHOLISTIC APPROACH

  • The tools to start paintings with JOY, work through the “awkward teenage phase” in the middle, and finish their paintings professionally.
  • Learning how to open to GREATER INSPIRATION in their LIVES – because great paintings don’t come from staring at the canvas.
  • Someone to show them how to combine FUN MATERIALS in a process that makes them EXCITED TO PAINT for the rest of their lives (if you’re not having fun, you’ll never do it!)
  • Becoming best friends with an ARTIST MINDSET that is gracious and encouraging to your soul.
  • And most importantly, someone to HOLD A MIRROR UP to them and show them what was unique about them, and how to play that up in their paintings.

And I’m going to say something I’ve never said before right now – because I have strived to be modest. But NOBODY knows how to deliver all of this like I do.

Nobody has created a program that holds your hand and walks you through the complete, wholistic Art process like I have – saving you YEARS of time and money trying to figure it out for yourself.

The reason I created this ground-breaking program is because I had to work through all of these things on my own. From under-confident single mom on food stamps to owner of a six-figure art business. Corporations and organizations like hospitals, banks licensing and famous outdoors stores have used my art – I’ve sold my paintings for thousands of dollars for over a decade.

If you want me to help you get there too – so you don’t have to waste any more time and money trying to figure it out yourself (It took me over a decade) – then I can help… I have set aside some time to speak with a few dedicated women this week. ..

You can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here.

It all starts with taking one step. Take one step toward your Art instead of staying exactly where you are. When you take one blissful step towards your art, other doors begin to open. Opportunities begin to arise. Ask and your teacher will appear.

If Chrystene and Teri and Lisa and Magdalene and so many other corporate women can do it, you can do it too.

These are real women who decided they were done being a victim of their busy lives and decided to take charge and change the one thing they could actually change — themselves.

I know you have doubts. I know you’ve been let down by other programs or well-meaning teachers. And I know it can be hard to know who is the best person to guide you. There are a lot of inexperienced Artists out there claiming they are mentors, so be sure to read my reviews here.

I want you to bring all those doubts, fears and skepticism, and all your questions to an Art Breakthrough call with me.

We’ll have a deep look at what’s not working with your Art, help you connect the dots so you get total clarity on the root cause and core issues holding you back – and come up with a plan to moving forward in a BIG WAY with your art.

It will totally be worth the 60 minutes of your time, because we have breakthroughs on every single call.

These calls are complimentary and there is no obligation to move forward in working with me –

However I only offer these very limited spots to women who:
*are serious about expanding their Art to an amazing new place now… not after the new job starts or after busy season- now!


*are a successful professional woman or something similar.

This is my super niche because the challenges of becoming an Artist at this level are for someone who has dedication.

If this sounds like you, then let’s talk now! 

ps. Scroll down to see the latest words from my students… 

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