Are You Good Enough to be an Artist?

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December 4, 2021
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Are You Good Enough to be an Artist?

Everyone thinks Art is just about talent.  Either you have it or you don’t. The common thought is that if you don’t make great paintings off the bat you might as well give it up. Listen to this classic story and learn what YOU need to be good enough to be an Artist…

I just talked with a woman who’s hardly painted in FIVE YEARS. She came to me for help because she comes from an upbringing where she doesn’t feel good about herself unless she checks all the items off her todo list before she does her Art.

Guess what? … She never gets to her Art.

Here’s the clincher – In the end she said she couldn’t make the time to make her Art a priority. She couldn’t give herself this gift.

And this is what happens – it’s a perfect example of someone who is stuck in their comfort zone, even though she said that she thinks about her Art ad nauseam, she’s still not making it.

Herein lies the key to what it takes to be a good Artist…

Comfort zones are very powerful things. Often women would rather remain in a bad place, than experience the discomfort of opening themselves to a more beautiful life.

**This woman is going to get to the end of her life and have kept an organized house.**

But LIFE IS HERE TO BE LIVES – so why not fully live it! Take chances, be courageous enough to say “so what” if you make a few bad paintings. Just don’t get to the end of your life and never  have tried.

Many people wonder if they are good enough to be a “real Artist”. But the truth is, being an Artist is not about having “talent”.

I’ve talked with HUNDREDS of women over the years who have talent and never do a thing with it.

It doesn’t matter if you have an exceptional Art Ability!!!

The shocking truth is that the truly successful women Artists I teach are simply the ones who are determined to do it. (like the photos below)

Here’s what successful Artists have others don’t. Here’s what YOU need to be good enough to be an Artist:

  1. They get up and make Art every day or several times a week.
  2. They keep making Art, even when it’s not looking good.
  3. They get the tools they need to know how to work through the “not looking good” phase, and finish professional quality paintings.
  4. They know Art is not an “instant” success thing… that you have to make a lot of paintings to be good at it.
  5. They are brave enough to tell their inner fears to take a hike.
  6. They know they are called to create, and that this is their gift to share with the world. And they’re not going to let that go idle.
  7. They share their Art and make the world a more beautiful place (see photos below).
  8. They collaborate with others and surround themselves with an uplifting Art community.
  9. They know they can’t do it alone and seek out teachers they love to get the skills they need to succeed.

The real question is not “Are you good enough?”. The real question is “Do you love Art enough to show up and make Art despite the challenges?

That’s it.

Seeing your story, seeing your view of the world through your Art is what people want.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect or schooled. It just has to be you making Art and being willing to share it.

People want to see your take on the world, and be touched by the emotion you create. This takes being willing to stop playing small and start fully expressing who you really are.

And if you need help doing that, I’m here for you!

You can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me. I’ve opened up a few times on my calendar in the next few day, for a few women who are committed to taking their Art to the next level now.

If that’s you, you can book a call with me here:

We’ll get on the phone, like I did with the women below, and find out what’s holding you back, and what you need to move forward. And if I can help you get there, I’ll show you what that looks like.

Please don’t book a call with me if you are just looking for free information. Or if you want to stay stuck in your comfort zone. I am here for the women who are ready to be an Artist now, invest in themselves and love their lives to the fullest!

If that’s you, you can book your call here:


Kellie Day mixed media artist

Errin gallery show after kellie day art mentoring

Laura-art-commission after kellie day art mentoring

ABOVE: One of Laura’s many commissions, and her happy new Art collectors!

Book your Art Breakthrough call here:

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