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How to Know if You’re an Artist
July 20, 2019
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September 7, 2019
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Why Asking for Advice is Not Advancing Your Art

Why Asking for Advice is Not Advancing Your Art

This video is taken from my facebook group, Transform Your Art from Dabbling to Professional Quality

Women love to ask others for advice on their paintings …

  • “What should I do next?”
  • “Is it finished?”
  • “Do you think anyone will buy it?”

I’m seeing a lot of this in our facebook group, and I understand it’s fun. But I also want to tell you the truth…

It’s not moving your art forward , and here’s why:

  • When you’re getting advice from amateurs artists, you’re getting amateur advice.
  • More importantly, you aren’t developing your “inner wisdom muscle” or intuition to know how to make these decisions yourself
  • When you ask someone else what to do with your painting, you are actually shutting off your own inner voice, instead of learning the tools that will tell you what to do, and know how to make these decisions for the rest of your life!

Pro artists know strategies for how to move forward with their paintings. If you’re asking someone else, you’re getting their ideas and this means YOUR VOICE, the decision you would have made, never gets heard.

Learning the strategies and process for how to move through these challenges will actually determine your strengths in your paintings.

My students learn these strategies, and how to take risks that actually making their art bolder and more unique, then if they had just done what others with less ability might suggest.

I understand there are times we need advice. I know there comes a time we can’t move forward without the help of others. … and that’s why I believe in Surrounding ourselves with experts. It’s the one thing that WILL take our art to the next level.

If you’re at a plateau with your Art, and you’re committed to JUMPSTARTING YOUR ART NOW,  I’ve opened up a few spots to talk with a few dedicated women who are ready to get the support they need to begin their art dream. If this is you, a  you can book a call with me at

PLEASE NOTE: these calls are NOT for everyone. Do not book a call if you are just looking for free information. You must be committed to making your art happen now, and getting the support to finally feel like an artist, and not wait another day.

If this is you, I would love to talk with you and talk about how I can show you how to begin living your life as the artist you’ve always dreamed of, and feeling that inspiration to WAKE UP EVERY DAY with the excitement of painting!

Book your call at

Talk with you soon!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

ps. See some words from my latest grads below…





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