Why Asking for Advice is Not Advancing Your Art
Why Asking for Advice is Not Advancing Your Art
August 15, 2019
Are You Living in Your Joyful, Creative Place?
September 22, 2019
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Painting with Wild Abandon


This video is taken from my facebook group, Transform Your Art from Dabbling to Professional Quality

If you’re not painting with wild abandon, what are you waiting for? Is it calling you? Do you have that nagging voice that you could be making amazing, gorgeous, sought-after paintings that move people and make you feel incredibly fulfilled?

Sometimes women can’t find this freedom in their painting because they’re trying to paint and haven’t been able to find that flow.

They might not know how to work through challenges and turn their paintings into finished, professional pieces.

Or maybe they’re limited by their knowledge of how to paint rich layers and not be afraid of mistakes.

  • If there’s a longing in your soul to be wild and free
  • If you’re feeling the call for a greater purpose
  • If you’re jealous of those Instagram photos of artists with their glorious painting and big white studios.
  • If you let your art go too long, and are dreaming of creating with wild abandon but can’t, it’s a literal stifling of your soul.

When you learn to open to wild abandon in your painting, it opens every part of you. And your life becomes more amazing too.

  • You feel more sure of yourself, the self worth is there no matter what happens In your life.
  • You know you have this amazing pursuit for the rest of your life,
  • And most of all, you know how to paint with wild abandon simply because you’re NOT AFRAID to go for it anymore.

How would YOU like to be the artist others are jealous of? How would you like to be the woman who inspires OTHERS to pursue their passions, because you are DOING IT!?

YOU can. And the thing is, if you know you have it in you , but you don’t know how to open the door and start painting, or let the paint fly, or pull it all together, or put your own unique voice into the painting, you CAN DO ALL THIS.

I’m reaching out to you, because I’m seeing it again and again with women who want to paint with wild abandon, and now they are.

My student Melissa didn’t paint for twenty years due to some very big fears, and today she posted a photo of one of the most glorious, uplifting paintings I’ve seen. And she’s painting all the time, in her pj’s, and going for it.

Painting with Wild Abandon is not about being underconfident or unsure of yourself and your abilities. It’s not about playing small. It’s about BLASTING THROUGH everything that’s holding you back and getting to your greatest expression, and making those glorious paintings that you know you have in you, faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to finally paint freely,  I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar to talk with a few dedicated women who are ready to get the support they need to begin their art dream. If this is you, a  you can book a call with me at kelliedayart.com/booking/

We’ll talk about your art and find out what’s holding you back, and I’ll help you get a plan for creating your greatest art EVER.

PLEASE NOTE: these calls are NOT for everyone. Please do not book a call if you are just looking for free information. You must be committed to making your art happen now, and getting the support to finally paint freely, and not wait another day.

If this is you, I would love to talk with you and talk about how I can show you how to begin living your life as the artist you’ve always dreamed of, and feeling that inspiration to WAKE UP EVERY DAY with the excitement of painting!

Book your call at kelliedayart.com/booking/

Talk with you soon!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

ps. See some words from my latest grads below…






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