Is Your Day Job Draining Your Soul?

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November 4, 2021
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November 9, 2021
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Is Your Day Job Draining Your Soul?


You’ve been working several decades at a meaningful job but now the balance is gone in your life. When you were younger you were free, and open and creatively flowing. But now you’re tired, and burnout, and it’s hard to have energy or ideas for your painting after work…. Where did that younger version of you go?

If you don’t pay attention to these red flags of feeling burnt out, having your life out of balance, and losing your joy, many women will end up with serious health problems or depression or divorce.

The good news is that this is your wake up call. It’s a crossroads for you, of opportunity.

When you start to feel this burnt out it’s so important to do this one thing: STOP.

STOP and evaluate your life before it takes you down. Let’s see what that looks like:

S = Sing: Remember when your art used to make your heart sing. Connect to that feeling. Remember when you were in that flow and that happy place.

T = Truth: Be truthful with yourself on where your life is right now. Be honest about how it feels to be this out of balance. Are you drained every night? Are you cranky? Are you wondering where your happiness is?

O = Outlook: Change your outlook immediately to prioritize fully living once again. You don’t want to be here living a half life do you? This is choice. This is a moment for you to choose your outlook to FULLY LIVE THIS LIFE.

P = Plan: Plan out your next step. What is the ONE THING you need to do to immediately gain back your joy and freedom?

For Laura, Cala, Terri and many of the women I work with, it’s to regain ART in their life. What is it for you?

The very first thing all of these women did when they realized they were at that breaking point in their life with their job was two things:

1. Ask the universe for help
2. Start looking for that one thing or person that can help them.

Hands down the most common thing that women tell me when we talk on the phone, is that they asked the universe for help, and then my videos appeared in their social media feed.

They asked. The universe listened and provided.

No matter what that looks like for YOU. Your ONE JOB is to pay attention to the opportunities or solutions the universe sends you, and grab the opportunity!

You have a choice when the universe sends an answer your way: Do something about it, or ignore it and keep trucking through your out of control life.

When these choices occur in life, these are crossroads where you can make the decision to change your whole life for the better. You can take it in a more amazing direction. OR to keep telling yourself “It’s not a big deal, I’ll be fine.”

Self awareness is knowing that your life is out of whack, going down a bad road, and knowing you have the power to CREATE the life you want now.

Many women think that they don’t need to pay attention to these moments in life. That it’s easier to keep doing everything the same, going to work every day, and not doing their art. And that somehow this terrible burnt out feeling will go away.

But it won’t. Ignoring your burnt out life only goes one way, and that’s downhill.

The truth is that if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the SAME RESULT.

Don’t wait until you get that wake up call that your health has gone awry. Stop before it gets to that. Be truthful with yourself. And love yourself enough to do something different.

This is how you create a better life for yourself, and start making your art.

When you STOP. And ask the universe for help. And help shows up. And you actually reach out and grab it. Here’s what it looks like:

For Cala, it was making a gorgeous series of trees, taking time off for herself, reconnecting with her younger self and making a body of work and finding her joy again.

For Teri, it was relighting her spark with her art, and finding a better work/life balance. It was learning to trust herself, that she is on the right path with her art, and that her art truly does move people. (She made two people cry at out last meeting because her painting was so moving).

For my student Laura, she learned to make stunning paintings with her own voice that brought her so much happiness. She starting making art for herself instead of just graphic design for others, and she created a body of work, was offered a corporate contract and started selling her work.

If you think you could never do this, think again. All it takes is saying YES to the universe, to yourself and to your art. All it takes is being brave enough to do something different in your life, and saying YES to your Art.

This is not about you being “good” enough. This is all available to you if you simply are willing to decide it’s time for your art now, and you’re going to give it 100%. That’s it.

If that’s you, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me like Laura, Cala and Terri did. We’ll get on the phone for about an hour, find out where you’re stuck and what you need to move forward. And if I can help you get there, I’ll invite you to work with me like Cala, Terri and Laura did.

If that’s you, I promise to hold your hand the whole way. You won’t be doing this alone.

You can book your call here:

These calls are free, however please don’t book a call with me if you’re just looking for free information.

If you’re ready to say yes to your Art now, and invest in yourself, I would love to talk with you and show you how to get over your fears, re-ignite your Art and your spark in life, and take your Art from dabbling to professional quality.

See you soon!
XO Kellie

PS. Scroll down to see the latest words from my grads…

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Mary first show after kellie day art program


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